Few Words About Me.!

Are you Looking for a place to learn more about the weather? Here I launched TheWeatherMakers for the peoples who are seeking to gain knowledge about Weather and its Instruments. Do you want to know more details about TheWeatherMakers? Before that, let me introduce myself, I am Tim, and I am the founder of TheWeatherMakers.

I studied B.Sc(Meteorology) at the University of Miami. With excellent knowledge of Weather Forecasting, Meteorology, and Environmental Science, I am currently working in San Francisco as a Meteorologist. Also, I am a member of The Weather Channel and AccuWeather.

All my interest in the weather came after reading the book TheWeatherMakers by Tim Flannery. Here I want to share a few words about him. He is a leading Palaeontologist from Australia. He has published over 140 peer-reviewed scientific articles and named 25 species of living mammals and 50 species of fossil mammals.

He has written 32 books, including The Future Eaters, which has received an award, and The Rainmakers, which has been translated into more than 20 languages. Also, he directed numerous documentaries and regularly writing reviews for the New York Review of Books.

And he received a Centenary of Federation Medal and, in 2002, pronounced the Australia Day address. In 2005, he was named Australian Humanist Of The Year (AHOY) and in 2007, Australian Of The Year. In 1998-1999, he taught Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard. He feels proud to be the preeminent member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists. Also, he is the director of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Reasons To Launch TheWeatherMakers

From the above paragraphs, you get to know about me. Now I will reveal you the truth, why I found TheWeatherMakers website? You cannot always rely on the forecast to know the weather near you.

When I checked some of the weather related websites, I really didn’t get the information that I need. Then I noticed many people give different reviews on weather gadgets, and I am not satisfied with their opinions and views. Then I came to the conclusion that lot of people lagging in market research. 

So I started to research about the weather and their instruments like the Barometer, Hygrometer, Anemometer, Rain Gauge, Weather Radio, Home Weather Stations, and so on. Finally, I decided to launch TheWeatherMakers to give valuable information to the people who are searching for the best weather instruments and its reviews. TheWeatherMakers website is here to keep you informed and make you ready for extreme weather and the worst climate. 

Motive Of TheWeatherMakers

At TheWeatherMakers, you can find the latest information about the weather, the latest news, weather protection, and all the equipment you need in your survival tool.

Very few people spend their time and resources to do some research before buying weather instruments, and they get so annoyed when they didn’t pick the right instrument. So my motive is very simple. I would help you to buy suitable weather instruments and help you to save your time and energy. You don’t have to do any kind of hard work to find the best weather instruments since I do it for you.  

I really do a lot of market research before delivering the buying guide for weather products. So you can just trust my reviews before buying any product. TheWeatherMakers will help you to identify the most important factors which you should look at when you buy the weather instruments.

The reviews which I provide are mostly based on my personal experience, and I also collect reviews from users who have used the weather gadgets. My reviews would also portray the best weather instruments from leading brands like Ambient, AcuRite, Davis, La Crosse. I want my audience to know about the latest products on the market, so I will update the contents which will help my audience to gain more knowledge about the weather-related products.

I am very confident that my website would be very informative for you and help you to make better purchases on weather instruments. I hope TheWeatherMakers will help to grow your knowledge and keep you alive in hard weather conditions.

Thanks for reading… If you want to share any of your thoughts, contact us.