Acurite Atlas 01007M Review – Is it the Best Weather Station?

Acurite Atlas 01007M Review Summary

Best Home Weather Station for Lightning Detection

Bottom Line

The AcuRite 01007M is a well-built weather station and doesn't disappoint at all. From the build to the accuracy, the AcuRite Atlas 01007M has all the right things going for it.

The lightning detector surely deserves special mention here as this is something that truly sets the 01007M apart. It is very reliable and gives you notifications when any strike is expected within a 25-mile radius of your property.

Without dragging on further, we'd like to say choosing the AcuRite 01007M as your personal weather station is a choice you'll never regret.

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  • Indicates high, low or ideal temperature range
  • Rain alerts of your area
  • Wind speed alerts
  • Real time weather conditions and notifications
  • Lightning safety alerts
  • HD touchscreen display

Acurite Atlas Rating

Battery Life
Easy to Read
Tech Support
Overall Rating


  • Simple installation
  • Top notch screen quality
  • Accurate and reliable readings
  • Able and strong sensors
  • Well built quality


  • Unit is a bit large
  • Lightning sensor calibration is a bit tricky

Available Sensors

  • Thermometer
  • Barometer
  • Anemometer
  • Rain Gauge
  • Wind Vanes
  • Lightning Detector

Buying a weather station isn't something one often does or rather frequently. This is why we do a lot of research while buying a weather station. 

We want the weather station to provide accurate and reliable readings to help us brace everything that nature throws at us. Shortlisting such a weather station is definitely quite daunting.

Don't stress out though, because we've got your back! Today we reviewed the AcuRite Atlas 01007M weather station to let you know if it's a good purchase or not.

AcuRite Atlas 01007M Review

Atlas 01007M is manufactured by the leading weather equipment company AcuRite. With this weather station, you can easily access all the recorded data on your desktop, phone, tablet, or other electronic devices apart from viewing them on the HD color display. 

This beautiful touchscreen display is highly attractive, regardless of where it is placed. With this weather station's help, you can obtain accurate and precise weather forecasts and patterns relevant to your exact geographic location. 

You can stay connected to your environment and observe the UV index, lightning detection, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, light intensity, and barometric pressure in and around your house. 

You can also set custom notifications or alarms to alert you when there are any alterations in the important atmospheric conditions. Sharing of the measured data can be done easily with your friends and family as well as the Weather Underground online presence in real-time.

A separate lightning detector sensor is also present to warn you when lightning strikes. The rain and wind alert specific to your area is truly a blessing along with the UV index, letting you know if the sun outside is safe to venture into.

AcuRite Atlas 01007M best home weather station

AcuRite Atlas 01007M Features

Outdoor Sensors

The AcuRite Atlas 01007M outdoor sensors are one of the most accurate and durable tools that AcuRite manufactures. 

They measure the outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, UV index, and light intensity and transmits these recordings to the main console every 10 seconds. 

Setting up these sensors is simple, and the design is inclusive of a bracket for wall posting and a tightening knob for pole mounting.

Smooth transmission occurs even from a 100m distance from the main console as the signals have strong penetration power. 


The design is modular and minimalistic, which can be upgraded or improved according to our requirements.

The solar radiation from the sun is captured by a three solar panel to power an internal cooling fan, thus improving the system's accuracy. 

While the design is incredibly attractive and serves the purpose well, our only qualm would be the fact that it could have been a bit more compact as the AcuRite 01007M is one of the larger weather stations out there.

But sometimes bigger is better, right? 


Atlas weather station's display is a high-definition touchscreen that has good contrast and viewing angles and can be seen from a distance easily.

The touchscreen display is easy to navigate and understand and gives you access to all the weather-related data at your fingertips.

The display saves all the historical high and low-value data on a monthly basis and shows snapshots of that day and the previous day's recordings on the home screen.

The display settings include an auto-dim or "sleep mode" feature for smooth usage during nights or low light conditions. 

The HD display of this weather station is truly a winner in our book, and we couldn't get over how smooth it was to change toggles or navigate through dashboards on it. The data layout is also done extremely well, and the snapshot feature of previous day recordings was much appreciated.

Lightning Detector

At some phase of our lives, we've all jumped with fear at lightning, as lightning is incredibly dangerous, causing several deaths, destruction, and injuries each year.

AcuRite 01007M weather station ships with a lightning detector that serves in detecting lightning strikes within a 25-mile radius and reports the estimated distance of the strike.

The lightning detector is something that no other station does as well as the AcuRite 01007M. Without any second thought, we like to say Acurite Atlas 01007M is the Best Weather Station for Lightning Detection.

Best in AcuRite Atlas 01007M

It's going to be a pretty long list if we start listing all the aspects that the AcuRite Atlas 01007M excels at. It's ably built with durable materials, best quality sensors with an attractive and sleek design.

The measurements recorded by the sensors are highly accurate and also provide you real-time notifications about the weather instantly on your phone or display. 

There's an indication of whether the values or high, low or just right on display or via notifications on your phone.

Rain alerts and wind alerts in your own area also let you stay ahead of the curve apart from the numerous custom alarms you can set.

The lightning detector and UV index for sunlight protection are some of the unique features that make the AcuRite 01007M a killer weather station.


While there's so much going in favor of the AcuRite 01007M, we feel a few things could perhaps be improved. The first thing is the unit isn't compact and easily portable. 

The sensors and units are on the large side, which may make it difficult to place in a few instances. The case that ships with the station should have been bigger too, as it is difficult to place it inside. 

Though the lightning detector is the main sell of this weather station, and rightfully so, the calibration is a bit tough to get going, and it requires a lot of patience and time to get done- which first-timers won't be too happy about.

But once you get the detector properly calibrated, there's no looking back, and it's all hunky-dory. These issues are trivial and not deal breakers in any way, proving that the AcuRite 01007M is here to play.

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