Best 3 Stage Snow blower Reviews

As soon as the winter knocks on your door, you perfectly know it's time to encounter snowfall as well. No doubt, snowfall is very pleasing to the sight, but it takes on your nerves when it comes to clearing this snow. If you reside in an area with thick snow, then going with the normal snowblower won't cause any good for you. You need to grab a high-end and efficient three stage snow blower to suffice your needs.

Grabbing the best three stage snowblower is not at all an easy task for this fast-paced running life. But, while searching for the ideal three-stage snow blowers, you need to have a closer look at various options available in the market.

To help you out in this process, we have come up with the 3-stage snowblower reviews. These reviews will help you get in-depth knowledge about the snowblowers and will ultimately help to make a judicious decision for your needs.

So, without delaying much, let's deep dive into the various three-stage snow blowers.

Best 3 Stage Snow Blower Reviews in 2022

1. Cub Cadet 3 Stage Snow Blower


Value for money
Easy to assemble
Easy to use

Overall Rating - 4.75/5

Cub Cadet is an esteemed brand that offers users a high-quality three-stage snowblower. You will see its various models readily available in the market to offer you a commendable snow clearing experience. Cub cadet three stage snow blower is a gas-powered snowblower that comes bundled with an electric start mechanism.

No matter how harsh the weather conditions turn out to be, this snow blower is a one-stop solution to all your needs.

We can claim that this is the top snow blower among others in this list as its efficiency and performance are unbeatable i.e. you can expect great results from its end. This is because it is capable of cutting through even the harsh and the toughest packed snow in no time.

The snowblower's 3X's unique high-speed induction accelerator is capable of offering an effortless forward motion to the blower. This will allow you to easily handle the blower without landing in any sort of trouble.

The speed of snow clearing offered by this three-stage snowblower is approximately 50% faster than the normal two-stage snowblower. Isn't it phenomenal? This aesthetically designed snow blower has no worries of ride-ups, backups, or spillovers.

In addition to that, as it is gas-powered, there will be no doubt in the performance offered by the snowblower. It even supports the OHV crank for better command over the blower.

In addition to all the amazing features that this Cub Cadet snow blower has in-store for you, its 200 degrees chute rotation is the best one.

With this rotation, you can easily control the vertical direction of snow clearing and there will be no clogging. It even offers power steering and heated grips so you can easily handle the blower without any difficulty. Grab this best 3 stage snowblower now!

Note: If you dwell in a place which receives medium snowfall, then a two stage snowblower would be suffice for your needs. That said, we recommend you Cub Cadet 2X 24 Two-Stage Snow Blower.


  • Comes with a 357cc engine
  • Supported by power steering
  • Comes with heated grips
  • Accompanied by steel chute control
  • Offers 200 degrees chute rotation
  • Comes with a unique high-speed induction accelerator
  • Supported by innovative 3X technology for better performance


  • High performance
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Reliable


  • A bit bulky

2. Troy-Bilt 2490 - Best Three Stage Gas Snow Thrower

Troy-Bilt 2490 - Best Three Stage Gas Snow Thrower


Value for money
Easy to assemble
Easy to use

Overall Rating - 4.5/5

Troy-Bilt is known to offer innovative solutions for outdoor power equipment. Troy-Bilt 2490 is a gas-powered prolifically designed snowblower that will make the snow clearing task easy-peasy. It comes accompanied by a powerful 277cc 4-cycle OHV electric start.

In addition to that, it even comes equipped with the Touch n Turn power steering so you can easily handle it in a hassle-free manner.

Just in a single pass, it can clear the snow up to 24-inches wide and 21-inches deep without any trouble. It even supports the one-hand operation so you can easily handle the snow blower for snow clearing. In addition to that, it even supports a 12-inch accelerator that can spin 10 times faster than the normal augers.

It can easily break the heavy snow with the powerful snow discharge. You need not put in hard effort and all your work will be done flawlessly.

Troy-Bilt 2490 is one of the best three stage snow blowers to make things work for you. Its 4-way remote pitch and chute control allows you to easily manage the snow and you can even discharge the snow in any direction you feel like.

You won't ever face any difficulty while carrying this blower from one place to another. All credit goes to its 15x5inches X-Trac tires that facilitate it.

It hardly matters if you want to clear the snow in the dim-light conditions. Its LED headlights help to clear the snow. It is lightweight and convenient to handle so it doesn't put any burden on your shoulders for usage.


  • Supported by 4-cycle engine type
  • Comes with a 277cc powerful engine
  • Offers 24-inches wide clearing path
  • Accompanied by a 12-inch accelerator
  • Supported by 4-way remote pitch
  • Comes with X-Trac tires
  • Supported by LED headlights


  • Serene to assemble
  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile


  • Refilling creates a bit of mess

3. Arnold 19A40024OEM -  Best 3 Stage Snow Thrower For Durability

Arnold 19A40024OEM MTD -  Best 3 Stage Snow Thrower For Durability


Value for money
Easy to assemble
Easy to use

Overall Rating - 4.4/5

Arnold is a prestigious name in the industry for offering users comfortable and convenient outdoor gadgets. You need a sturdy and reliable snow thrower to beat the extreme conditions around you.

To help you with this, Arnold MTD genuine parts 3-stage snow thrower comes to your rescue. This thrower is compatible with Troy-Bilt Super Bronco XP riding lawn mower 2015 and is pretty advanced. It offers innovative three-stage technology that can clear the snow 25% faster than the traditional two-stage snowblower. 

Even if you reside in the harshest weather conditions, its high-volume accelerator can easily cut through the snow. Besides, it can easily clear 18-inches of snow in a single pass. This is something truly commendable!!

The chute comes in a robust steel design that offers the required amount of snow clearing as per your requirements.

Arnold MTD snow thrower even comes with replaceable skid shoes and scraper blades so your safety is not compromised at any cost. If you want the best output from this thrower then you should use the 490-900-M059 suitcase for optimal results. 

If you are someone who doesn't want to burden yourself with the heavyweights of snow blower then this thrower is the one for your needs.

You can easily throw the snow up to 42" without any external support with this snow thrower. It's easy to assemble and use the mechanism that gives it a brownie point over the other snow blowers around you.

Even while using it, if you encounter any obstacle, you can immediately contact customer support. They are always ready to serve you with the best possible solutions.

Note: If you are curious to learn more about riding snow blowers, then you must check out our list of top riding snowblowers from the market.


  • Comes with 42" of clearing path
  • Supported by innovative three-stage technology
  • Comes with a high volume accelerator
  • Supported by robust chute controls
  • Comes with replaceable skid shoes
  • Offers great snow clearing capacity in a single pass
  • Comes with scraper blades


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Serene to use
  • High performance


  • Compatible with limited models

4. Cub Cadet 19A40024100 - Best 3 Stage Snow Blower Attachment

Cub Cadet 19A40024100 - Best 3 Stage Snow Blower Attachment


Value for money
Easy to assemble
Easy to use

Overall Rating - 4.4/5

When it comes to getting the ideal snow blower attachment, not checking out the Cub Cadet attachment will be your greatest loss. This is a sturdy and durable attachment that you can use with the various models.

It is a lightweight attachment that won't cause you any trouble in attaching. Auger blades are designed with durable steel, making the snow clearing task easier and achievable.

This attachment can work perfectly well even in harsh weather conditions. All thanks to its three-stage mechanism that allows this facility. When most of the auger blades fail to clear the snow then this one will never leave you disheartened.

The auger blades will assist in removing the snow in various directions so it doesn't clog in the entire path of clearing the snow. You can't find any other viable snow blower attachment in the market that is capable of throwing snow up to the distance of 42" without any obstruction.


  • Comes accompanied by auger blades
  • Compatible with various tractor models
  • Comes with the innovative three-stage clearing mechanism
  • Offer 42" of snow throwing distance
  • Accompanied by an elegant look and feel


  • Easy to assemble
  • Economical
  • Reliable


  • Auger blades could be more

5. Cub Cadet Three-Stage Snow Blower


Value for money
Easy to assemble
Easy to use

Overall Rating - 4/5

Cub Cadet offers you one of the best 3-stage electric snow blowers. This blower offers the users all the essentials that users would ever expect from a snowblower. It comes with a 420cc engine that enhances its performance exponentially.

With the Cub Cadet snowblower in your possession, you need not worry whether this will work in harsh conditions or not. All credit goes to its electric start mechanism that will never betray you. 

It will offer a 30" clearing width in a single go. This is something amazing that you could expect from a snowblower. In addition to that, it also comes with LED headlight support. This will help to clear the snow irrespective of the dim light conditions.

The 14-inch induction accelerators are designed perfectly well to quickly pull the ice, snow, and slush professionally. 

It even offers a 3 times 30 PRO trigger controlled power steering. This is amazing to provide unbeatable and convenient performance. Its wheels are also a great asset to help it move from one place to another without any difficulty.


  • Comes with 14-inch induction accelerators
  • Supported by power steering
  • Accompanied by large tires
  • Comes with 30" of clearing width
  • Supported by 420cc engine
  • Comes with 3 years of residential warranty


  • Maneuverable
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • LED support


  • Don't offer great tech support

6. Cub Cadet 26 - Best Three-Stage Power Steering Snow Thrower


Value for money
Easy to assemble
Easy to use

Overall Rating - 4/5

You must be wondering, there are a large number of models that we have discussed in the 3-stage snow blower reviews by Cub Cadet. By seeing all this, you must have got an idea that Cub Cadet is one of the most renowned brands to offer the best three stage snowblower. 

This blower comes with a 26" clearing width. Once you start using it, you will save a lot of time due to its large clearing width capacity. Its three-stage clearing mechanism makes it an optimum choice for harsh weather conditions.

It is manufactured by keeping the needs of the users in mind. For the persons living in extremely snowy conditions, it is the best fit to go with. Due to its heavy-duty manufacturing, all your trouble putting a lot of effort while clearing is shooed away. It comes with a powerful 357cc OHV engine that is known for its high-power performance.

Its electric start functionality acts like a cherry on the top of the cake. You have complete authority while using this blower. You can easily manage its speed with the privilege of 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. It even supports power steering to give an extra dimension to comfort and ease. This will help to accomplish your task without causing any discomfort on your part.


  • Comes with an OHV engine
  • Supported by 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds
  • Accompanied by power steering
  • Support electric start mechanism
  • Designed with heavy-duty material for reliable performance


  • Durable
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Easy to use
  • Great mobility


  • A bit costlier

Best 3 Stage Snow Blower Buyer's Guide

  • Snowblower

How to Choose the Best 3 Stage Snow Blower

Getting a three-stage snowblower is not that big deal when it comes to an abundance of options available in the market. But, choosing the apt one as per your needs is a big deal. Now, you must be wondering what to seek while grabbing the perfect snow blower for your needs. 

To shoo away your problem, this section has been dedicatedly designed to see to various factors that you need to seek before choosing the optimum three-stage snowblower.

Let's get started!!

1. Motor

The motor is one of the most important considerations for grabbing the perfect three-stage snow blower. If the motor doesn't have the optimum amount of power, it won't throw the snow properly. Make sure that you are going with has a powerful motor that can go well with the height of the snow.

2. Snow depth

Snow depth is the basic consideration for which you grab the three-stage snow blower. If you reside in an area that experiences low snowfall then having a three-stage snow blower will be of no use.

Ensure that the area in which you reside has approximately 18-24 inches snowfall. This will be the suitable range for the optimal working of a three-stage snow blower.

3. Weight

Having a snow blower that you can't even manage single-handedly is of no use. You will be clearing the snow on your own. So, while choosing the snow blower make sure that you go for the lightweight blower. If you don't pay heed to this factor, you will cause a lot of discomfort while using the snow blower.

4. Engine power

Make sure you are going to buy the large engine power. The larger the engine power, the more snow it can throw away from the way. Most of the engines are gas-powered and they show impeccable results. If the engine power is not good, then the snowblower won't deliver high-performance.

4. Price

Price is one of the most neglected factors while choosing the ideal quality three-stage snowblower. You need to be sure about the budget that you have to spend on the snowblower.

You can find an ample number of options in the stipulated budget. Moreover, don't go for unnecessary features that are of no use. Stick to your requirements and you will find the ideal snowblower in your budget.

What Maintenance Does a Three-Stage Blower Need?

When you use a three-stage snow blower, you use it extensively to clear the large and heavy-packed snow. But, have you ever wondered that its reckless usage also requires maintenance? If you don't maintain the three-stage blower properly, it won't offer great longevity and you won't be able to use it for the next season. Now, the question here arises, how to maintain the three-stage snow blower.

Need not worry, this section is dedicatedly designed to offer you a complete glimpse of the maintenance process. So, hold on tight, and let's get started!!

1. Check oil and spark plugs

One of the most basic maintenance required by the three-stage snowblower is regularly changing the oil and spark plug. If you don't do so, then you can't expect peak performance out of it. You can check the blower maintenance manual that you check to see the oil changing frequency.

You should always check the oil level before every use. Moreover, you should change the oil after every 25 hours of use and check and replace the spark plugs after every 100 hours of use.

Make sure that you use the lighter-weight oil for use in the blower. If the oil will be very thick then it can risk up the performance of the engine at low temperatures. In case, you want to remove the spark plug, you need to disconnect the boot first and then you need to use a spark plug wrench or socket.

Once you remove the spark plug, then it's time to check the gap size. If the gap size is larger than the manufacturer's recommendation then be aware it's time to replace the spark plug.

2. Inspect the scraper blade

For proper maintenance of the three-stage snow blower, make sure to check the bottom of the auger housing. You need to check this after every 10 hours of use. If you see a thin layer of snow on the ground once you are done with the snow clearing task then it's an evident sign to replace it.

Certain parts like gear shaft, auger shaft, and chute directional control of the blower need to be lubricated at least once in a season.

3. Replacement of shear pins

Shear pins are designed to prevent the snowblower from any sort of damage when it encounters a difficult obstacle. When the blower passes over a tough surface then it tends to cause damage to the auger. You need to check if the shear pins are broken then you need to change them. If they are not at all damaged then they are good to go as it is. Most probably, you will get the extra set of shear pins with the snowblower.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best 3 Stage Snow Blower

1. Which steel gauge will best suit the augers and the accelerators?

According to the manufacturers, 12 steel gauge is the best suited for augers and accelerators. In case, you are not able to find it then going for 14 steel augers can also serve the purpose. The longevity of the steel will depend upon the thickness of the steel. So, always try to find the 12 steel gauge.

2. Can clearing width impact the performance of the three-stage snowblower?

Greater clearing width will help to achieve the snow clearing task at a faster pace. So, it will impact the performance of the blower. Most of the three-stage snow blowers' clearing widths range between 24 to 28 inches. Therefore, most of them deliver equivalent performance.

3. Are heated grips essential for a three-stage snowblower?

Heated grips are essential only when you need to clear the snow from a large area. In case, you have a small area of coverage to clean, you can even skip this. But, for large areas, your hand will start freezing if heated grips are not included in the blower.

Also, they will impact the price of the blower. The one with the heated grips will be costlier than without grips.

4. How often do you need to offer maintenance to a three-stage snowblower?

Three-stage snow blowers are mostly gas-powered snow blowers. Therefore they don't require frequent maintenance. In case, you have an electric-powered snow blower, you need to be very cautious of it. They demand constant maintenance and you need to pay proper attention even while using them.

5. Can a snowblower start without an electric start?

Electric start is added to snowblowers to add ease of usage. If you talk about the gas-powered snow blower, they can even function perfectly without the electric start. Electric start helps to easily start the snow blower even in extreme climatic conditions. So, it is not imperative to have an electric start with the three-stage snow blowers.


Three stage snow blowers are a great asset that you can ever possess to ease your snow clearing task if you reside in an area with extreme conditions. We have discussed some of the impeccable options for the snowblowers you can possess to make your life convenient. 

In addition to the reviews, you can also have a look at the entire buying guide that will assist you in possessing the desired 3 stage snow blower for your needs. So, now you need not wander here and there.

And if you want to buy the best three stage snowblower, this guide will help you with the entire process. Need not worry that you will land in any hurdle while picking the best option for your needs. Just make your choices and requirements clear and you can grab the best fit for your needs.

So, hurry up and grab the best 3 stage snow blower to make your life comfortable and convenient.

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