10 Best Weather Radar Apps and Websites

Imagine planning a perfect weekend with your friends at a beach resort and watching it all go in vain because of rain. Doesn’t look like a pretty picture, does it? Understanding the weather forecast before planning a trip is not only wise but also a necessity.

Even if all the other arrangements are top-notch, the weather cannot be trusted. The same goes for going out to get a drink at a bar and being stuck there because of heavy pouring.

All this can be avoided through a series of quick swipes on your phone. The technology has been enhanced enough to let us know about the current and near-future weather right from the palm of our hand. 

There are innumerable apps on mobile phones that allow us to see weather forecasts every next minute, hour, day, and sometimes even a week! 

So why not take advantage of the blessing disguised as phones and always be prepared before-hand? Therefore, I have compiled some of the best weather apps available on android phones to help you choose the perfect app for you.

Best Weather Radar Apps and Websites in 2021

1. 1Weather

1Weather is a phenomenal weather app that you will get for Android devices. It is one of the most unique and reliable apps that you can get to stay updated with the weather changes around you.

When you open it for the first time, you will try to figure out that it has more or less the same features that a normal weather app offers, but it is not. There is something very unique about this application, and you can’t get it with any of the other apps available for Android devices.

With 1Weather, as soon as you share your location, you get the privilege to witness the weather facts, unlike any normal app. But these weather facts are purely optional, and you can go for them only if you feel like them. It has a terrific user interface that makes it very easy to use even by a naive user as well.

You will even get the opportunity to see the weekly forecast and sunset time for better predictions. These readings will help you make a designated plan for the future, and you can also plan your activity according to the weather changes.

The best part of having this weather app is that it even comes with the 1Weather shorts section that is dedicated to making you acquainted with the major weather changes in the video format. You can easily figure out the changes in the weather with this Android app. 


  • Temperature data for all the cities and states of the United States
  • Data on current and future weather
  • Possibility of snow or rain
  • Warning for Cyclone, Earthquake, hurricane, etc

2. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is one of the best weather apps/websites you can ever get for Android and iOS devices. Even if you are searching for the best Android apps, it will be hard to say that you don’t come across AccuWeather.

If you want to stay acquainted with the weather-related information and that too in a simplistic fashion, then AccuWeather is the thing for you. It comes in a clean layout offering you all the essential information that you ever need in a day to plan your schedule.

With this amazing app, you not only stay updated with the weather conditions of the present day but also get the opportunity to stay updated with the weather conditions of the next day.

This will help you make your plans in advance and check whether that plans will go perfectly well with the changing weather or not. With the assistance of this weather radar website, you get the facility to stay updated with the hourly and daily weather changes.

Moreover, you even get the facility to view the weather radar of your area with AccuWeather. You may be thrilled to witness that you even get the privilege to choose from several mapping layers with this weather app.

With AccuWeather, you can have a satellite view, warning in your area, and even a five-day lookout for precipitation. Isn’t it amazing!! It can also be used as a persistent notification in your status bar so that you always stay updated with the changes around you. 


  • Accurate local forecast
  • Today’s weather along with the forecast of the next two weeks
  • 24-hour live weather and minute by minute variation in it
  • Videos from AccuWeather reporters

3. CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather is a phenomenally designed app that is just perfect for Android as well as iOS devices. With the CARROT Weather, you need not worry whether you possess an Android or iOS device because you can use it smoothly on any of the devices.

This weather radar app provides you with real-time and accurate data reading to make a decision based upon these values and plan your day or schedule. It is important to keep a tab of the weather conditions while planning your important day, but it is also a necessity that should not be neglected at any cost.

It pulls the data of the weather from Dark Sky so that it can keep you updated with the current, hourly, as well as 7-day forecasts so that you stay prepared for unpredictable circumstances. 

With this weather app, you will even witness the infographics so that they can offer you a detailed description of the weather conditions. As soon as you tap and swipe on these infographics, you will witness a detailed analysis of the weather conditions.

If you are an Android user, then you will get it for free of cost. But, on the other hand, if you are an iOS user, you need to pay some charges to keep it working. 

There are different subscription tiers you can go with based upon the features you want to procure. Overall there are three tiers of subscriptions you can go for. The best part is that the Android version of this app comes with time travel and widget features that are hard to find in any other app. 


  • Accurate weather
  • Provides Weather of any location around the globe
  • 24/7 weather update

4. Dark Sky Weather

If you seek some of the super-unique apps for iOS, then Dark Sky Weather is the best fit for you. With this weather app, you will stay updated with minute-by-minute details so that you are well-versed in what is happening around you and how you can make the most out of it.

It offers you apt forecasts based on your location and keeps you updated with the changes. Once you are aware of the changes around you, you can plan your day or schedule accordingly. This app comes with a great set of animations that are unique to their kind.

The best part of the animations supported with the weather app is that they can easily make you acquainted with the path of storms and clouds to be even prepared for such situations. It even offers widget support that lets you view the weather conditions without even opening the app. And it even supports push notifications so that you get the latest updates without any delays.

With this weather app, you not only get the privilege of staying updated with the weather conditions of the current or the future. But, it also assists you in keeping a tab of the weather conditions even for the past dates. You need not pay any hefty amounts to avail of the benefits of this app as it is free to download. And you can even get it for your iPad to have a better experience. 


  • Accurate information on the movement of the storm
  • Advanced notification options available
  • Although it is a paid app on iOS, on Android operating system, it is absolutely free!

5. WeatherBug

WeatherBug is a very prestigious name in the race of offering users weather related information. It offers you the hyperlocal current weather conditions on its website. You can get the weather information either through their website or the Android/iOS app installed on your device.

With any means, you can stay updated with the weather changes around you in just a couple of seconds. It has a great network of weather stations situated across the globe to offer reliable and precise results. You can avail yourself of all the benefits offered by the WeatherBug website on your smart device just by installing its app.

You can download its app free of cost and stay updated with the weather changes at your fingertips. It even offers visual maps support to visualize the weather changes taking place around you easily.

The data depicted in these maps are quite simple and informative so that anyone can understand them without any difficulty. WeatherBug also helps to smooth the radar images so that they are easy to read and stay updated on the changes around you.

You will witness high-quality weather information with this app without facing any trouble. It even supports the lightning data and the weather and temperature changes around you, which can also act as a boon for your decisions. No doubt, you get all the functionalities with this app free of cost, but you need to bear some advertisements while using the app. If you want to remove these ads, you can go for a paid version of the app to make the most. 


  • Alerts you of storms or other calamities
  • Gives accurate hourly weather forecast
  • Helps you view local traffic conditions to save you time

6. Yahoo! Weather

If you have been searching for a weather app that not only provides you a well-designed interface, but it's also easy to understand, then your search ends here with Yahoo! Weather. This is an amazing weather app that is impeccably designed for Android as well as iOS devices.

You need not pay any charges to avail of the features of this app as it comes in a free version for both Android and iOS users. You will witness the images of your location with this app. And in addition to your location, you will witness the matching time of the day with all the weather conditions prevailing around you.

With this weather radar app, you even get the opportunity to view the detailed five-day forecasts in addition to the interactive radar, heat maps, and satellite maps. You won't find any difference in this app's Android and iOS versions, as the updates have made both of them comparable.

You can go for any platform that you feel like and stay united. It is a user-friendly app that comes with a clean and concise presentation so that it becomes an ideal choice for day-to-day usage.

You will be amazed to witness that this single app can make you acquainted with the data of up to 20 cities in a single go. You just need to add the city, and you are good to go. Isn't it serene!! You need to add the + sign to add a new city, and you can easily view their details. What else can you expect from a weather app that has so much in store for you?


  • On-spot weather update
  • Alerts for severe weather conditions
  • Humidity sensor and a chance of precipitation

7. Arcus Weather

Arcus Weather is one of the most reliable weather radar apps that you can get for your Android devices. It is not a very popular name in the market, but its efficiency and reliability have made it popular.

For instance, if this weather app gives you the notification that the rain will start in 10 minutes, then there is an almost full-proof surety that it will start raining at that time from the stipulated time. It is one of the most accurate weather radar apps that you can get to plan out some essential stuff so that you always stay ahead.

With this weather app, you get the standard page showing the various critical conditions you want to know to stay updated with the weather changes.

It even comes with the option of the Next 60 hours that will help you get the well-informed and beautiful graph showing the precipitation intensity levels for better reach. Moreover, if you select the Next 48 hours option, you can see the hourly breakdown of the rainfall probability. Isn't it interesting!!

This weather radar app not only comes bundled with the required essential features but also supports great widgets. These widgets add an extra perk to the functionality of the weather app. You will encounter various choices like dark and transparent light to choose which will best suit your home screen. You won't be able to find this in other weather apps available in the market. 


  • Easy to use interface
  • Minute-to-minute forecast
  • Severe weather alerts

8. MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar Weather is a very prompt and reliable weather app that is designed for Android devices. You can get the app without even paying a single dim and use its functionality to the maximum. It presents the weather radar maps brilliantly to get the apt and on-demand results without any delays in the readings.

Once you have switched to a particular location, all the radar maps instantly get loaded into your screen. It will hardly consume any of your time and will work exceptionally well. In addition to that, all the weather animations also work perfectly with the MyRadar Weather Radar app. Moreover, you won't even face any stability issues while using this app.

Even if you are a novice, you can also easily use and understand the weather conditions with this app. It comes with a very clean display that doesn't have any buttons and offers you a large map with few distractions.

Your experience will further enhance as the app menus are also concisely designed so that you can easily use them. This is a wholesome weather package that you can ever expect at your finder-tips.

MyRadar Weather Radar is not only limited to offering these basic features, but it even supports some extensive features so that your experience of using it enhances ten-fold. It offers you various settings, such as a flight plan display that makes the radar app customized for your use.

It even supports an accurate and reliable GPS tool that can offer you great performance. Besides that, it even comes with fine-tuning options like cold opacity that are a bit unique for a weather app. So, it is a great weather app package to go for.


  • Quick and reliable
  • Easy usability
  • On-spot weather updates

9. Weather Radar Live

Weather Radar Live is one of the most innovative apps designed for Android and iOS devices. If you want to keep a tab of the weather conditions in a live fashion, what else can better serve your purpose than the Weather Radar Live.

With this weather app, you can check the local forecast and monitor the weather patterns with the assistance of satellite maps. With this amazing app, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from any unexpected situation.

This app comes with an alarm that can alert you at the same time when something bad will be approaching you. This will help you to save yourself from unpredictable situations.

You will get instant notification with this app when some weather issue is announced. This will help you get some buffer time to prepare for the situation as compared to the times when the situation falls on you all of a sudden.

The best part is that you witness the real-time radar images with this app that will help you to understand the weather situation more aptly. Whatever basic functionality you expect from a weather app comes conglomerated with this one. 


  • Easy Location Search
  • Interactive map
  • Storm, hurricane and lightning tracker

10. Flowx

Flowx is a one-shop stop if you have been looking for an Android weather radar app that is good at graphical depictions. Understanding the graphs and maps is not a cup of tea for everyone, and if you are the one who loves to read through them, then nothing better can suffice your needs than the Flowx.

This amazing weather app is also known as the Weather bomb. And all credit goes to its rich array of charts, weather maps, forecasts, etc. You can even witness the weather maps in the scrolling animated fashion with this app. This feature helps you to stay intact with the weather changes without facing any trouble.

When you are using it, you can directly center your location to stay updated with the weather changes or choose some custom locations to know the specific weather conditions. This will help you if you are planning a trip and want to know the weather of that particular location. So, in that situation, the custom locations will act as a real boon for you.

With Flowx, you are not only limited to getting acquainted with the temperature changes but also come across a variety of overlays like precipitation, clouds, wind direction arrows, etc. You can get this app free of cost, but if you want an ad-free experience, you can even go with its premium plan. But, with that plan, you also won’t get any additional features that you are unable to get with the adds supported version. 


  • Choose the map styles
  • Customize your graphs
  • Use the app offline 


It is essential to be aware of unforeseen weather changes because they may become an impediment to your outdoor plans or urgent meetings. Don’t let weather become a major hindrance in your day-to-day life and beat this uncertainty with an iron fist.

Having a weather app keeps you on guard at all times and lets you know about each change in the weather. Therefore, it is probable that a weather app is the most important application to have on your phone. 

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