10 Best Wind Chimes to Decorate Your Home

The serenity one experiences when the summer breeze hits a wind chimes followed by listening to its calming ring is inexplicable. It is truly a treat to the eyes and the ears. They widely emerged as an imperative part of the patio. Moreover, the wide versatility of a wind chimes enables you to place it anywhere inside the house and outside.

best wind chimes

The sweet melody of summer and autumn can be felt from anywhere. But, is the decorative objective all that a wind chime meets? According to some traditions, wind chimes symbolizes a number of things. Each region has their own idea of what a wind chime symbolizes.

Due to its wholesome beauty, it has been widely in demand. Being an ardent aesthete, I have compiled a list of top 10 best wind chimes that I have had the fortune to come across and had a wanting to share with you all.

Best Wind Chimes Reviews in 2022

1. Corinthian Bells T516PM - Best Sounding Wind Chimes

Best Sounding Wind Chimes


Sound Quality

Overall Rating - 4.75/5

This beautiful Corinthian Wind Chime is a treat to the eyes with numerous rods suspended by the top, incorporated with a unique windcatcher. 

The summer and winter breeze would produce heavenly music, which will ease a person’s mind. The excellent finish on it prevents it from rusting or any sort of damage if exposed to rain. 

The durability is its key feature because, despite the outside condition, the beautiful plum color of this unique wind chime would not come off or be discolored easily. 

The exquisite resonance which is produced by it has gathered itself many fans, and this wind chime has given top-notch results. 

You can also hang it over the branch of a tree and listen and enjoy the synthesis of the outdoor wind chime and nature, which ought to put your mind at peace.

The pocket-friendly pricing will allow you to get this best wind chimes for yourself, and it will also make a wonderful present to a loved one.


  • Made of Aluminium
  • Works on Industrial-Standards
  • 24 hour Weather Updates
  • 22 Channels and Weather Alert

2. QMT Windchimes T306CV - Best Rated Wind Chimes

Best Rated Wind Chimes


Sound Quality

Overall Rating - 4.5/5

The tones created from this aluminum wind chime is in the key of E and highly enriched, enchants your mind and heart. The tubes of this wind chime allow engraving, and you can gift it to a loved one with a lovely message. 

The chime consists of 6 aluminum tubes with 1” diameter and around windcatcher. There are eight colors for you to choose from, including Black, Copper Vein, Green, Midnight Blue, Plum, Patina Green, Ruby Splash, and Silver Vain.

These memorial windchimes can be placed in the patio, lawn, or garden wherever the wind can reach it. The whim of the wind will tingle the tubes, and your ears will experience melodious tones. 

The length of the longest tube is 18.5,” and the overall length of the wind chime is 36”. It is very lightweight and so dances exquisitely to the music.


  • Aluminum tubes with a round windcatcher in the middle
  • Engraving on the tube is feasible
  • 6 tubes of 1” diameter each

3. Woodstock Chimes HWLC - Best Wind Chimes

Best Wind Chimes


Sound Quality

Overall Rating - 4.5/5

This beautifully handcrafted Woodstock wind chimes produces pleasing sound in the wind. The material used to make this wind chime allows it to blend in anywhere, and it’d never seem out of place no matter where it is hung.

You can also enjoy the synthesis of the Wind Chime and Nature if placed on a tree branch.

The color goes with every kind of patio furniture and also gives it a little antiquey look. The windcatcher is made of copper aluminum and the bell of copper steel.

The sound it makes would put anyone’s mind at ease. Besides the aesthetic use of it, it can also be used as a doorbell as the sound is loud and yet mild enough to not alarm a person.

You can place this wind chime somewhere on the lawn or at the patio where the breeze would directly hit it, and you can enjoy the music it resonates with.

Due to the fantastic finish on the bell, it does not get ruined easily, and you can enjoy the same loud and deep sound for years and years.

You have three colors to choose from, each one of them as beautiful as it can get. This wind chime with variant colors will also make a lovely gift for friends and family!


  • Bell made of copper steel
  • Windcatcher made of copper aluminum
  • Excellent finishing coat

4. Woodstock Chimes AGMS - Best Wind Chimes for Outdoors

Best Wind Chimes for Outdoors


Sound Quality

Overall Rating - 4.4/5

This exquisitely crafted Chimes of aluminum rods and wooden windcatcher is hand-tuned, which resonates tones at the whim of the wind.

The 6 rods have been made out of good material, which makes it immune to rusting or any other defects due to weather conditions for that matter.

The six tubes of the wind chime denote six different tones which when meeting each other amidst breeze will create harmonious music.

The windcatcher can be removed and replaced as per your choice. Various types of windcatchers can be purchased online or from a store.

The collective length of the wind chime is 24-inches; each rod of the chime is of varying sizes. You can’t engrave anything on the chime itself but can attach any sort of windcatcher which captures your attention.


  • Removable and replaceable windcatcher
  • Made of Ashwood with Cherry finish
  • 6 tubes in total

5. UpBlend Chimes UB-WAIBL29 - Best Wind Chimes Under Budget

Best Wind Chimes Under Budget


Sound Quality

Overall Rating - 4.4/5

The one thing that singles this one out of the rest is its unique resonance. The Upblend Wind Chimes hits musical notes differently every time, and each time it is something unique and beautiful.

The wind chime is loud, but that does not mean that it can become irksome, certainly not! The exquisite tones it resonates can be enjoyed by you and the passer-by(s) who can hear the music from the street. And throws some lovely tones to your neighbors too!

The Upblend wind chime has 6 aluminum rods that will meet each other in a breeze and create harmonious tones.

The thickness and the length of each rod are different from the rest, and that is the precise reason why it succeeds in making melody out of thin air (pun intended).

Not only the thickness and length differ, but even the colors are also slightly variant if you look closely.

This altogether achieves the primal intent, which is to please the eyes and the ears. Hang it on a tree branch or the patio or in the living room, the presence of its chime can be felt by everybody at a near distance.


  • 6 Aluminum rods of varying lengths 
  • Large-sized Hexagon wind-catcher
  • Loud and exquisite resonance

6. IMAGE FBA_HL0057BTA2 - Best Wind Chimes to Gift

Best Wind Chimes to Gift


Sound Quality

Overall Rating - 4/5

The infernally unique design of this decorative wind chime gives it a distinctive position in the hierarchy of chimes if there is one. Instead of 6 tubes, they present you six extraordinarily beautiful hummingbirds. There are four strings in total on which hangs 1 or 2 hummingbirds. 

The most fascinating feature of this chime is how the colors of each hummingbird can be changed. There are seven variant colors for you to choose from.

The hummingbirds are made of good quality material, and they do not break easily, and thus, we give it extra points of its durability! 

They’re charged from solar energy, which is captured in the large capacitated solar panels if they are kept outside on the lawn.

The quality of this cool wind chime is splendid, which makes it immune to damage under rain and snow, so you do not have to burden yourself with any sort of maintenance. 

It looks best when hung on a tree branch as the synthesis of the hummingbird with nature is exquisite.

Not only can they be placed outside, but you can also use it as a nightlight in the bedroom. These also make perfect birthday and Christmas presents for loved ones. 


  • Automatic charge through solar energy
  • Color can be switched between 7 vibrant colors
  • Immune to damage under any sort of weather

7. Nalulu Rustic Bamboo - Best Bamboo Wind Chimes

Best Bamboo Wind Chimes


Sound Quality

Overall Rating - 4/5

The distinctive design of this wooden wind chimes has captivated a lot of people. The unique design of the handmade wind chimes gives off a musical vibe due to the shape. 

There is a beautiful floral pattern on each of the tubes, which blends in perfectly with nature.

The entire wind chime has been hand made, which is why it is considered to be one of the most beautiful chimes as what is better than a man made creation?
It is, as the name suggests, made of bamboo and the hook is made of stainless steel, so you do not have to worry about rusting.

The sound resonated by this bamboo chime soothes the mind of the listener and makes him feel more connected with nature.


  • Bamboo made chime
  • Beautiful floral design on the tubes
  • Hook made of stainless steel
  • Varnish double protection finish

8. ASTARIN - Best Wind Chimes for Indoors

Best Wind Chimes for Indoors


Sound Quality

Overall Rating - 3.9/5

The Astarin wind chimes resonates with rich tones when the six tubes brush against each other. The tone can be equated with inspirational music, which is bound to make your mornings lovely.

It comes in different sizes as per your needs and can be placed inside and outside alike. The tubes are made of aluminum, and it is immune to rusting. So you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions depriving it of its beauty. 


  • 6 Anodized Aluminum tubes
  • Fir for All Environment
  • Powder-coat finish

9. UpBlend UB-HAV38 - Best Light Weight Wind Chimes

Best Light Weight Wind Chimes


Sound Quality

Overall Rating - 3.7/5

The Beechwood material of this wind chimes is unbeatable against any of such kind in the same league you name. The shape and color exhibit a shade of vintage, which is why this has been popular among the consumers. 

There are 6 aluminum tubes with varying sizes, each denoting a musical note which when meets each other, creates a harmonious ambiance.

Leave it in the lawn or on the branch of a tree and experience its bond with nature. It comes with a smart-looking windcatcher.


  • High-strength suspension cord
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • 6 Polished Aluminum tubes

10. Encore DCB54 - Best Wind Chimes for Sound Quality

Best Wind Chimes for Sound Quality


Sound Quality

Overall Rating - 3.65/5

This aluminum wind chime is hand-tuned, which produces deep and rich sound. They dance to the random arrangement of musical notes at the whim of the wind. With the harmonious music, it also has an aesthetic and calming look to it.

The Aluminium rods do not get damaged under harsh weather conditions, and so you can place somewhere in the lawn where it gets the most exposure to the wind.

It is a classically designed wind chimes which has received unbelievably good feedback from the buyers.


  • 6 bronze aluminum tubes
  • Removable Windcatcher
  • Superior Sound Quality

Best Wind Chimes Buyers Guide

  • Wind Chimes

More About Wind Chimes

What are Wind Chimes?

A Wind Chime is a type of percussion instrument predominantly made for decorative reasons. They are made from suspended rods with a windcatcher at the bottom, typically bells. Some wind chimes are made of wood, while the wind chimes now are usually made of metal. 

During a light breeze, these rods with bells at the bottom clash against each other, producing melodious tunes. These are usually placed outside of the houses owing to its pleasant appearance and sound alike.

History of Wind Chimes

For instance, in Ancient Rome, it was believed that wind chimes bring good luck to homes where it has been placed. It was also believed that they take offense against evil spirits and entities. Similar were the thoughts of people in China too, who believed they wade evil entities away.

In a general sense, they are believed to bring good luck. Even though some would consider it a folly to believe in such a thing, belief does not hurt a thing, does it? Besides, the beauty of a Wind Chimes is substantial, regardless of the superstitious belief. So what is it this thing that ancient people have been attaching so many symbols to it?

But a wind chime is not just a mere object which does not require much of a thought. In fact, there is a lot to think about wind chimes when you consider the myths and legends circling it.

While the chimes which are used for symbolism it have unique features such as distinctive looking tubes or windcatcher, regular chimes whose sole purpose is to dance with the wind also requires thinking. 

You may even go ahead and buy whatever catches your eye, for it is lustrous and appealing. But what use would it be if it treats your eye for a few days, and then you see the beauty diminish over a short period of time? Thus, believe it or not, an infinitesimal thing like a chime requires a minute of your thought.

I was keeping that in mind. I have listed a few things which you need to consider before you pick a wind chime from the colossal pool of chimes, some of which depict one thing or the other.

Factors Need to Consider Before Buying a Wind Chime

1. Material and Quality:

The material and the quality of material, which most people would agree with me, are the primary feature, and all the other features circles around it.

Just because an object is shiny and exquisite looking, it doesn’t make the quality equivalent to it. Good quality tubes are generally made of aluminum, which is one of the best materials out there if we talk about windchimes.

Some are also made of bamboo, and these chimes are owned and placed for the purpose of depiction. It is the quality of the tubes you should be focusing on rather than its color or beauty.

Chimes made of poor-quality material may wear off or corrode over a period of time, and that will affect not only the appearance of it but also the sound.

So, you see how everything tracks back to the material of the chime? Windcatcher is usually made of wood, and that is the preferable material.

You can replace the windcatchers in most chimes. These chimes should be considered too if you feel like replacing the catchers often.

If you are purchasing the chime online, you may get the details on these particulars from the description.

2. Location:

Wind Chimes are highly versatile objects which can generally blend in all sorts of locations. Widely, they are placed in the patio, living room, or outside in the garden or lawn.

Some chimes which glow in the dark are also placed in bedrooms and used as night lights. Even so, you have to keep the location where you are planning to place your chime in mind while purchasing it.

A bamboo chime goes well in the garden setting, and it is usually placed on a tree branch. The color and material of the bamboo chimes synthesize with nature magnificently.

While metallic chimes are more suited inside the house in the living room or the lobby, some myths about chimes should also be taken into consideration if you are someone who believes in that sort of thing.

For example, it is believed that placing a metallic chime in the East direction or a wooden chime in the south-west direction brings bad luck. You can read about such myths on the internet and make your purchase accordingly.

3. Musical scale of the tubes:

The tubes of the chime, owing to the different lengths and girths, represent different musical notes. Generally, there are five tubes, all of which represent a musical tone.

When these tubes or tones meet each other at the whim of the wind, unique and pleasant music is produced.

More musical minds have a preferred music scale, which the chime should possess. This thing can also be considered by some people.

Most Chimes are in the scale of E major, and these produce exquisite sounds that are bound to put your mind in a state of tranquillity.

4. Durability:

There is no point in buying any product if it doesn’t promise long-lasting usage. This is why wooden and bamboo chimes are more trusted than the rest as they don’t sustain damage easily.

The sole apprehension with metallic chime is the possibility of rusting or corroding. Aluminum chimes, which are also a very popular material, can last long without any sort of corrosion.

5. Price:

The expense that will incur while investing in wind chimes should also be of one’s concern. The cost of wind chimes may vary based on material and the basis of size.

Metallic Chimes usually cost more than wooden or bamboo chimes, and it can be another way around if the wooden or bamboo chime bears some sort of symbol.

The good material chimes are obviously going to demand more. Such chimes may cost your around $35-45 at best. Some chimes allow you to carve a message on it, which will remain visible for a long time. They may cost you even more.

Chimes also vary in sizes. You can choose from small, medium, and large of the same kind of chime, depending on where you plan to place it.

Naturally, the price will rise with each successive size, although there is no noticeable difference in the gaps of their prices as such.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wind Chimes

1. What are wind chimes good for?

Wind chimes in modern times are centrally known for their music and aesthetics. However, in some parts of the world, especially in Asian regions, wind chimes serve the purpose of symbolism in more than one way. The symbol differs from region to region.

In ancient India and China, the wind chimes were often placed in homes. It was believed that it could drive evil spirits away from the abode. Owing to this superstition, wind chimes emerged as extremely popular in these regions.

In Japanese lore, it is said that wind chimes tend to bring good luck and keep the evil entities at bay. Similar were the myths in ancient Rome. The bells were believed to ward off evil spirits and also stood for good fortune.

2. Where should I place a wind chime?

Wind Chimes can be broadly classified into metallic chimes and non-metallic chimes, and the location of the chime is largely based on this classification.

Metallic chimes, generally made of aluminum, are meant to be placed indoors or on the patio. The non-metallic chimes consisting of wooden or bamboo are usually placed outside in the garden or lawn. People tend to place them on the branch of a tree where it could synchronize with nature.

Regardless of the material, one factor is essential whilst choosing an appropriate location. The wind should hit the chime directly to allow it to swing with the wind and serve its fundamental purpose. Indoors, it is suggested to place it near the door or the window to get maximum exposure to the wind.

For people who care, it is important to note that many beliefs are attached to the location of the wind chime. For example, it is widely believed that placing a metallic chime in the East direction and a wooden chime in the southwest direction invites bad fortune. This can be taken into consideration by people who tend to believe in such myths. 

3. Are wind chimes durable?

This depends upon the type of material used to make wind chimes. Naturally, metallic chimes are more prone to corrosion and damage in contrast with non-metallic chimes. Due to this, many people prefer to own bamboo made or wooden made wind chimes as their durability is fairly guaranteed.

In the case of metallic chimes, those made of aluminum or steel have emerged at the top. Aluminum made and steel made wind chimes can defend themselves from corrosion for a long time, and other brass components can also sustain damage to a large extent. It is also necessary to verify whether the aluminum wind chimes are made of high-quality material or not.

4. Do wind chimes keep birds away?

One thing that upsets most people is irksome birds landing on the patio. While birds are generally perceived as beautiful creatures, some of us would rather see them away from us in the sky and not land on our property.

Wind Chimes can serve this purpose with ease. Not only wind chimes resonate with beautiful music for the interest of our ears, but it can also drive the birds away as they consider it plain noise, ergo, hitting two targets with one arrow. The lustrous chimes work even better to keep the birds away, so you can look for such wind chimes to double up the effect.

5. Can I make my own wind chime?

Yes. You can get wind chime DIY kits from a local store or online websites. Most DIY kits come with a manual that guides you throughout making your own chime.

You can make your wind chimes without purchasing the DIY kits too. You would need the usual material of making a chime such as glass, metal, windcatcher, etc.

You can also use threads to suspend materials like seashells, colorful lights, unique buttons, and accessories and make yourself a beautiful wind chime straight out of your creative mind.


The presence of Wind Chimes can make the ambient more serene than ever. Therefore, making a list of your demands and purchasing the product corresponding to it is a wise thing to do.

This article intends to aid you in making that choice. Picking one model from the large pool of products can be tricky. I hope this article would give you a hand in making your final choice, a choice that you would not regret.

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