Cub Cadet 2X 24 Two-Stage Snow Blower Review

Cub Cadet 2X 24 Two-Stage Snow Review Summary

Best Two-Stage Snow Blower


  • Powerful 243cc 4-Cycle OHV engine.
  • Easy-to-Turn Power Steering with fingertip trigger control functions.
  • Remote Single-Hand Stick for Chute adjustment.
  • Electric start for extreme cold weather.
  • Max clearing Width 24".
  • Max clearing Depth 21".
  • Max Throw Distance 40ft.

Cub Cadet 2X 24 Specifications

Power Source

Gas Powered


243cc 4-Cycle OHV

Maximum Throw Distance

40 Feet

Clearing Width

24 Inches

Clearing Depth

21 Inches

Heated Handles


LED Lights





245.5 pounds

Wheel Size

15 Inches

Dimensions LxWxH

55.12 x 24.02 x 43.31 Inches

Cub Cadet 2X 24 Review - Bottom Line

No doubt, you’ll get several snow blower models under various price ranges. But, finding a powerful snow blower with all essential features at a reasonable price point would not be easy. The brand Cub Cadet is all set to fulfill all of your demands; it has introduced an advanced two-stage gas snow blower for under $1000.

The Cub Cadet 2×24 model is meant for better handling, maximum control, and quicker work. We would recommend this snow blower specifically to first-time buyers. 

Cub Cadet 2X 24 Review

The Cub Cadet 2X-24 model is likely to be light in weight, compact in size, and easy to use; it comes with a top-class upgraded motor that works for most residential areas. The 24-inch snow blower machine works really well on flat icy surfaces and even on the inclines. The extra-large tires and skid shoes are a bonus here; they help to achieve good maneuverability and grip.

The powerful 4-stroke engine, electric start option, steel Auger, self-propelled speed options, and headlight are the things making the Cub Cadet 2X-24 my favorite among all snow blower options. It is one of the easier two-stage snow blower models with high-end features and specifications; that you can't expect from other brands at such a low price point.

The fusion of performance and price is always considerable, though the previous model Cub Cadet 3×36 has a bit more snow-clearing power and a wider clearing path. You can consider this snow blower machine to deal with average snowing conditions.

Know the important specs and features of the Cub Cadet 2×24 snow removing machine in detail

Cub Cadet 2X 24 Features

1. Design and Performance

The users reviewed that the lightweight of the Cub Cadet 2×24 model is like a blessing for them and the push-button control options easily keep the blower going as per need. The power steering with trigger control ensures maximum precision and control over the blower.

You can even control the machine only with one hand and adjust the chute without losing control of the blower or stopping the snow blower machine. In the feature part, we will discuss every feature in detail.

However, the Cub Cadet 2X 24 snow blower comes with a clearing width of 24 inches and an intake height of 21 inches, which effortlessly takes in tons of snow at once; the height, area, and snow conditions do not matter here. The snowdrift part demolishes a foot of light snow, and even efficiently deals with wet and dense snow. However, if you have to deal with heavy wet snow, you need to invest in one of the best three stage snowblowers

Apart from this, the big housing part collects lots of snow at a time; throws them in up to 40 feet of distance; though, it could reach only 20 feet throwing distance with wet snow. 

2. New 243cc 4-Cycle OHV Engine

The Cub cadet replaces the 208cc powered engine with a more powerful 243cc engine; that is lighter in weight, strong enough to deal with average snowfalls, and pretty durable. You may feel like it is a bit undersized for some heavy snowfall areas, whereas the 4-cycle OHV engine could also handle severe conditions.

So you don’t have to struggle for snow accumulation against ice dams that you could face with a 208cc powered engine. 

3. Dual-stage auger

The Cub Cadet 2×24 is formerly known for its two-stage snow throwing ability that reduces the chance of tear and wear on the Chute and demands less repairing over the years. It has an upgraded dual-stage auger that rotates the ice and snow around the front auger before tossing it out, making the heavier snow removing task quicker than an old single-stage blower.

The 12-inch auger is made of heavy-duty serrated steel that sustains abuse. The metal construction makes it pretty weighty, which helps effortlessly dig in compacted snow or ice dams and chops them up.

4. Pitch Control and Chute Rotation

The Cub Cadet brand offers a 4-way remote stick to enable single-hand operation. It lets you adjust the pitch and chute direction from a satisfying distance. You can control the operation distance in 50-degree angles, while the Chute can be rotated in a 200 degree turning radius.

This feature is conveniently lined up with the user’s forearm; plus, adds benefits for left-handed persons. If you feel like the stick control is a bit; then, you could use a little lubrication to fix this problem. You might disappoint with a plastic-built chute, but it could be overlooked considering the low price point.

You could apply a bit of non-stick spray on the chute and auger to prevent clogging issues. Moreover, the model offers an attached shovel, which helps you to clean out the discharge materials.

5. Speed Forward Options

This snow blower machine offers 6 self-propelled speed forward options, including 2 reverse choices, which you mostly couldn’t expect from other competitors at such a low price point. They work smoothly in every condition, though you would rarely have to go above the 3rd speed, making it perfect for working on steep driveways.

6. Power Steering

The Cub Cadet used Zero-Turn Posi-Steer in their power steering system; it enables a fingertip trigger control function to lock the wheel, making the turning process incredibly easy. Most users felt that it is better than automatic steering options; people of different ages and sizes could operate the machine with minimal effort.

The advanced power steering and fingertip control option is a blessing in disguise for persons with arthritis, circulatory problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, or who have problems in their hands or upper body for any reason.

7. Special Features

The electric start comes in handy in extremely cold weather, which lets you fire up the engine only by attaching an extension cord to the outlet. The headlight provides a good amount of light to let you remove snow at night; though, users complained about this part regarding bulb failure.

You could add heated handlebars if you want; it provides a good grip and keeps your finger warm for better handling.

8. Skid shoes and X-Trac tires

The rust-resistant skid shoes on the bottom of the blower and the durable 15-inch X-Trac tires are a bonus at this price range, which respectively prevents the surfaces from damaging and makes the snow blower ideal for use on uneven and over slippery surfaces. The deluxe skid shoes also keep you steady at over iced areas.

The reversible polyurethane material built skid shoe is far better than steel skid shoes; it doesn’t leave rust spots on the surface plus is rust-resistant and durable in itself.

Cub Cadet 2X 24 Unboxing and Assembly

Cub Cadet 2X 24 User Manual

You will be receiving a detailed user manual while purchasing a Cub Cadet 2X 24. If you want, you can also check out the user manual from the company's official website. This user manual will have a complete guide on the different parts of this Snow blower and how to assemble it easily.

If you wish to check out the official user manual of this Cub Cadet 2X 24, click here.

Cub Cadet 2X 24 Accessories

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Snow Thrower Cover - Cub Cadet 2X 24 Review


The Cub Cadet 2X24 snowblower machine really comes in handy for cleaning the small residential inclines, driveways, walkways, and sidewalks. The six forward speeds are really helpful for everyone, while the height and width of the handle are easy to manage, even for short people. The lightweight and hassle-free operation adds extra benefits for senior persons.

The manufacturer will deliver this tool to your home in a mostly assembled condition; they even typically deliver the snow-removing machine to your door with oil in the engine.

So, you have to add fuel only while using it for the first time. As you know, you can trust the brand name, Cub Cadet, which has already become famous among consumers for its super durable lawn care equipment; plus, the replacement parts of their tools are also easy to find.

So, I think no other option could be better than the Cub Cadet 2X-24 snow blower for first-time buyers. And, I’m pretty sure you would love the smaller design in bright yellow-black color combination and get impressed with its easy and self-propelled operation.  Hope this Cub Cadet 2X 24 Review was insightful!

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