8 Realistic Ways You Can Help Reduce Global Warming

Fuel-Efficient Cars

Hybrid-fuel cars combine the best features of the internal combustion engine with an electric motor. At present, there are four-passenger car models available: Honda’s Accord Hybrid, Civic Hybrid, and Insight and the Toyota Prius.

Solar Panels

Use Solar Panels on your home to convert solar energy from the Sun to electrical energy. Between 4% and 22% of the light energy falling on a panel is converted to usable electrical energy. 

Don’t confuse these panels with solar water heating panels, because those panels directly use the sun’s energy to heat water directly. The working life of a solar panel should be in excess of 20 years.

An Energy-Efficient Hot Water System

A flow-through hot water system will both save you money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Or a split system using solar hot water.

Solar Hot Water

You can reduce carbon dioxide emissions in your home by as much as 20%, meet up to 60% or more of your hot water requirements (cutting your power bill by $400–$500 per year) and decrease about five tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Energy-Efficient Light Globes

Use less electricity than normal incandescent globes and still produce the same amount of light and last up to eight times longer. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions (up to half a tonne per globe).

Green Power

Some electricity suppliers offer options to use renewable forms of power like solar, hydro, and wind power instead of coal-based means to supply your home and office.

Carbon Offset

Calculate your greenhouse house gas emissions at home, at the office, from your car, and from regular air travel and offset these online.

Triple-A Rated Showerheads

An inefficient showerhead passes up to 22 liters of water a minute. A triple-A rated showerhead passes just 8 liters a minute.