HONDA HS720AS Snow Blower Review

HONDA HS720AS Review Summary

Best Gas Powered Single Stage Snow Blower


  • Honda GC190 OHC Engine.
  • Recoil and electric start.
  • Single auger-propelled speed.
  • Remote Chute adjustment (204 degree turning radius).
  • Forward-Speed auger drive system.
  • Max clearing Width 20".
  • Max clearing Depth 12".
  • Max Throw Distance 33ft.

HONDA HS720AS Specifications

Power Source

Gas Powered

Maximum Throw Distance

33 Feet

Plowing Capacity

1800 lbs/min

Clearing Width

20 Inches

Clearing Depth

12 Inches

Power Output


LED Lights





93 pounds

Wheel Size

7 Inches

Dimensions LxWxH

49.6 x 20.9 x 40.6 Inches

HONDA HS720AS - Bottom Line

If you are searching for a powerful heavy-duty single-stage snow blower this winter, Honda HS720ASA can be the perfect choice for you. This sturdy machine has everything you need in a snow blower. It is strong, easy to control, and easy to start; it runs for a long time and gives you ultimate user satisfaction.

You might still have your doubts intact and quite rightly so. It's always better to go through a user review than the company-highlighted features. To remove all the uncertainties you have about Honda HS720ASA, check out my review of the product below.

HONDA HS720AS Review

Calling Honda HS720ASA a little devil with humongous power won't be an exaggeration. When compared to the other snow blowers delivered from Honda, this is one of the greatest single-stage snow blowers from Honda. Although you need to spend some bucks more for this machine than the regular snow blowers you get in the market, Honda doesn't leave you dissatisfied. 

We all feel quite annoyed by the unnecessary snow we get every year that blocks our pathways. Lots of electric snow blowers promise an efficiency that is almost never experienced. If you get light to medium snow like me, a single-stage blower can easily make the clearing. But if the blower is not powerful enough, you’re only increasing your annoyance by spending on electric blowers.

That said, the gas-powered ones are always preferable for perfection. They feature powerful engines and augers, which deliver the coveted efficacy. Moreover, the throw goes further and gives you optimum satisfaction. 

Let's look at the specific features of Honda HS720ASA for a more detailed understanding of the product.

HONDA HS720AS Features

1. Powerful Engine:

This single-stage snow blower is powered by a Honda GC190 OHC engine, making the engine start like butter even in harsh weather conditions. The engine is a 190cc gas-powered engine that bears a typical Honda signature quality. The fuel-efficient engines can deliver a better performance than those mentioned.

Another wonder by Honda is the automatic decompression system. As the engine starts, this mechanism relaxes compression and automatically closes to assure full power.

Moreover, the maintenance is easier than other blowers. Thanks to the large fuel cap and recoil grip, you don't need to worry about working with big winter gloves.

2. Steel Augers:

Another important feature to check is the auger function. Honda provides you with 9.5 inches metal augers for heavy-duty performance. They are equipped with replaceable rubber paddles for efficient snow removal. However, these powerful blowers are designed for light to medium snow removal. The machine struggles if there is snow thicker than 8 inches. I faced some trouble clearing up the large piles of snow at the end, but it did the job finally.

For residential uses, e.g. to remove snow from your driveway or walkway the HS720ASA is the best available in the market. On flat surfaces, it works like butter and leaves the least amount of snow behind. You might get the paddles too fast, this is because, in wetter situations, the wheels may have difficulty with snow buildup.

This makes the machine much more difficult to maneuver and results in increased pressure being applied to the auger's front section that makes contact with the ground.

The auger drive system is mentioned as semi self-propelled, which means the auger draws the blower forward as it touches the ground. That's quite some help indeed, but the machine remains still a push snow blower. And if there is heavy snow to remove it will be rather difficult to get the job done.

3. Four-stroke engine for better convenience:

Honda HS720ASA has an amazing four-stroke engine that doesn't only assures better performance, it simply makes life easier. With the usual two-stroke engines, it's always a drudgery to start the engine in low temperatures. Unlike those, HS72ASA has a butter-smooth start. It is absolutely hassle-free.

Moreover, there is also a 120-volt electric start feature that you can avail of by simply plugging in an extension cord. You start the engine, unplug and forget about it. The recoil start is also convenient.

This single-stage snow blower doesn't need any mixing of gas and oil. It runs well with unleaded gasoline. The four-stroke engine prevents bad smells and smoke while working with it outside.

4. Snow removal:

You will get truly amazing experience with this Honda blower while clearing snow. The intake mentioned is on point. It can take up to 1800 pounds of snow per minute. This is the most laudable feature in this blower and it makes its performance closer to some two-stage snow blowers. Especially as the intake capacity is also 12 inches high and the model is 20 inches, this performance is quite astonishing.

The throwing is around 33 inches, as mentioned. However, once again, all these fantastic features are designed for light to medium snow. In heavier snow, the performance quality decreases a bit.

5. Chute Control:

The Honda HS720ASA comes with really effective chute controls. Honda provides you with a metal chute instead of plastic ones that are often seen in other blowers. It doesn't let the snow stick while working and makes the chute durable and sturdy. And you don't have to worry about a broken chute in harsh winter conditions.

Moreover, it offers you to control the direction of the snow throwing which can be regulated from left to right 204 degrees. The lever is located in an accessible position that makes controlling a lot easier. 

However, the lever is rather too inflexible and that is pretty annoying at times. It prevents smooth control. Applying grease will help it get smoother, but a flexible lever is something that you expect from such an efficient blower.

HONDA HS720AS Unboxing and Assembly

HONDA HS720AS User Manual

You will be receiving a detailed user manual while purchasing a HONDA HS720AS. If you want, you can also check out the user manual from the company's official website. This user manual will have a complete guide on the different parts of this Snow blower and how to assemble it easily.

If you wish to check out the official user manual of this HONDA HS720AS8, click here.

HONDA HS720AS Accessories

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In my judgment, this sturdy snow blower is one of the best available single-stage gas-powered snow blowers. Albeit, its cost is higher than the regular single-stage blowers, but generally, most of the parts of such blowers are made up of plastic, making them fragile.

The snow blower is best used for domestic snow removal purposes. Like other single-stage blowers, Honda HS720ASA is not made up to take a heavy snow load, so you better keep that out of your expectations. Definitely give it a go if you're looking for one for light or medium snow clearing. 

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