How Extreme Weather is Shrinking the Planet

What is Weather and Climate

A measure of the atmospheric conditions over an area at a point in time is described as the weather. The weather depends on the atmospheric variations in various parameters like temperature, pressure, wind speed, and direction, etc.

weather and climate difference

The weather is one of the most important aspects of all our lives, which determines everything from what we wear to what we do on any given day. The fact that we are a pawn to the weather is something that can’t be stressed enough. 

The weather is different from place to place, from time to time, and the weather isn’t even constant from one road to the next, even if the earth has only one atmosphere. The weather is thus a phenomenon that changes daily at the very least.

Climate refers to weather of an area over a long time frame and varies from one location to another and is inclusive of temperature, seasons, humidity, sunshine, wind, and other weather events considered for a minimum of 30 years. 

Climate studies help in mapping out weather trends, cycles, variations, changes in patterns, and long term effects of the weather but are not able to determine the weather on a particular day. Climate change or global warming is used to refer to the rise in the average surface temperature of the earth’s surface.

It is caused due to excessive use of fossil fuels leading to greenhouse gases trapping and retaining heat in the atmosphere. It affects all ecosystems and causes a rise in sea levels, severe weather, droughts, wildfires, and many more disasters.

How Extreme Weather Making the Planet Smaller

Global warming is an extremely serious issue that can potentially destroy our way of life and the planet as we know it. If left unchecked, climate change is sure to trigger disaster, and humanity won’t be left to collect the pieces.

earth shrinking

There are many critics who believe climate change isn’t real and that the rise in the earth’s temperature is insignificant and natural. To put things into comparison, the last time the earth’s temperature increased massively due to a meteor strike, it resulted in mass extinction. 

That was natural, so the dangers definitely increase with induced temperature rises. Even if global warming was natural, it doesn’t mean that human beings should continue to ignore it and do nothing to curtail certain doom. Both winters and summers are getting hotter, reminding us the earth is heating up. 

Simple things we do will help us overcome global warming in the long run like changing to LED or fluorescent lights, opt for public transport, walking, or if you’re willing, you can also invest in electric vehicles as they are more efficient than gasoline vehicles. 

Climate change can cause crop failures, food shortages, heat waves leading to the mass migration of populace from the tropics and desert regions to the temperate zones of the globe leading to disruption in the economy, borders, human law rights, etc. 

crop failure and food shortage

One of the most devastating aspects of climate change is definitely the catastrophic rise in Ocean water levels as it leads to thousands of people being displaced and trillions of dollars of infrastructure damage. Though the science and reasoning behind climate change are real and very serious, recent human activities and behavior prove that humans would rather die than work to save and preserve the planet which has given us so everything we need, want and much more. 

The fossil fuel industry, which is worth trillions, has spent a major chunk in misleading people to believe that climate change isn't worrisome and that gasoline is the ultimate material. That may be true, gasoline and petroleum may have uses, applications, and benefits like no other, but they also have ill and adverse effects like no other as well. 

Climate change is an extremely serious issue that will definitely lead to tragedy in the near future, like:

  • Human beings may not make it - The entire species is at risk of extinction and being wiped off the face of the planet earth.
  • Natural disasters and high temperatures have to lead to a large number of deaths, illness and injuries, destruction of property and infrastructure, and so much more.
  • Leads to floods, destruction of natural habitats and entities.
  • Rise in the number of people suffering from medical conditions, ailments, and illnesses.

Some Ways this Extreme Weather Shrinks the Planet

We know that barely a quarter of the planet is composed of land, out of which only a small portion is fit for habitation by human beings. Due to climate change and extreme weather, this habitable area keeps reducing, effectively shrinking the planet by rendering large portions to be barren and ineffective. 

  • Severe natural disasters and increasing temperatures cause millions and millions of people to leave their home. During this circumstance, you can use weather alert radio for survival purposes.
  • In the U.S, people will leave regions that experience weather extremes and other effects of climate change. 
  • Since parts of the US will likely be “safe enough” to survive, people from other countries that do not support survival will pour over our borders.
  • Wars will be likely. Some counties will be less affected, but many more will not survive. When resources are limited strong countries will likely invade weaker countries that have resources essential to living.
  • In places like Africa, entire populations will disappear from the face of the earth. Wealthy people will do much better since they will be able to move more easily and will be able to afford to live in some sort of dome or on another planet.
  • People will likely have to give up air travel unless a sustainable alternative is developed. Flying is just too bad for the climate.
  • More people might have to live under one roof because of climate migration and crowdedness.
  • Some women are already electing not to have children because of our uncertain future.
  • The lives of today’s kids will be much more turbulent, less economically secure, and of much less quality than is yours.
  • People will have to stay a lot indoors because of poor air quality from fires. Children won’t be able to play outside. People will have to have to use air purifiers in their homes.
  • Health effects and the costs of healthcare will be staggering as more people are affected by the worsening climate.


Thus as climate change leads to an increase in extreme temperatures, the planet is becoming worse for living day by day, and we're doing nothing to stop it. We need to start making drastic changes in our lifestyles and have to think beyond ourselves and decide if we want to leave a world that is habitable for future generations.

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