How to Operate a Snow Blower

When you have a snow blower in your possession then one of the most important things that strike your mind is how you can use it? If you are well-versed with them, then you can instantly use them but still, some key points need to be taken care of. But, on the other hand, if you are a complete beginner then you must be wondering what to do with this machine? How can I operate a snow blower impeccably so that I can get the desired results?

Need not worry about which ever category you fall. You have just landed at the apt page and we'll discuss in-depth how you can operate the snow blower on your own without any external supervision. Moreover, you will learn all this in a step-wise manner so that you won’t face any trouble while operating it.

Without delaying much, keep a hold of your snow blower, and by the end of this write-up, you will be all set to operate your blower phenomenally. So, let's get started!!

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How to Operate a Snow Blower

1. Decide a Plan

The first and the foremost step on how to operate a snow blower is to be well-acquainted that where you want to use it. When you have a snow blower, then lay out a designated plan that in which direction you want to clear the snow and how you can achieve it. 

This first and foremost step will help you to efficiently remove the snow in no time. Also, make sure that whether the snow blower will throw snow in both directions or not. Because if you don’t pay heed toward the direction of snow throwing then you can impact your home, vehicles, or even disturb other people. 

While starting with the process of clearing snow, make sure that you are not throwing the snow on the street. If you do so then there is a high probability that the snow will get back to the sidewalk and further increase the work for you. So, it is very important to keep this thing in mind while using the snow blower.

Also, be sure about the direction of the wind while you are clearing out your way as the intensity and direction of the wind have the power to either facilitate your task or even ruin it. Therefore, it is always advisable to pay proper heed to this aspect before you start with your work.

2. Do Preparations

Before you just start operating the snow blower, there are a few preparations that you need to make so that you can have a smooth snow clearing operation. You will get various types of snowblowers in the market so, you must understand the controls for steering and chute direction of the auger to wisely use the snow blower.

If you don't pay heed to these things you can land yourself in great trouble. If you are using a gas-powered blower, then you must ensure that it has proper refilling of the fresh fuel for great usage as per your expectations.

Besides that make sure that the tires of the blower have proper air pressure for easy mobility so that you can use it extensively. You should also keep a proper tab of belts, shear pins, skid shoes, and scraper blades so that you can easily install the blower without any difficulty.

Also, make proper arrangements for safety and to tackle the weather conditions. Clean the area thoroughly for debris or any fallen sticks for the area where you want to clear the snow. All these checks will help you to easily start with the snow blower and achieve your desired goal.

3. Start with Snow blower Operation

While using a snow blower make sure that you are done with the above steps so that you can smoothly operate it. If you are planning to clear the snow for the area that has a great accumulation of snow then going for multiple passes of clearing will offer great results on your way. This will even make your work a bit easier and you can start up with the process flawlessly.

  • Before starting with the first pass of snow clearing for the desired place make sure that you wear the safety gloves so that you always remain on the safer side while operation.
  • Make sure that you adjust the direction of the chute so that snow can be discharged in the desired direction.
  • When you want to start with the snow throwing process then make sure that the auger level is set in the forward direction for better results.
  • Once you are done with the first pass of snow clearing then adjust the auger and drive lever.
  • Make sure that you have adjusted the discharge chute in a way that you get the optimal results with the snow blower.
  • After you are done with one pass you can adjust the control as per your needs because by now you must have got well acquainted that how the various controls are working.
  • Make sure that you are taking work from the blower as per its capacity and not expecting above its power as the entire snow clearing process needs a bit of time. So, you can’t take more output from it if it is not at all intended. Even if you try to do so then you can destroy the machine sooner or later.
  • Also, try to complete the entire snow clearing process in multiple passes because it will effectively clear a large amount of snow as compared to if you try to achieve all this in a single pass of using the snow blower.

4. Maintenance is Essential

Mere using the snow blower is not at all your cup of tea if you can't maintain the snow blower properly. If you don’t maintain it properly then you can’t expect great and efficient results out of it.

Every snow blower is different so, going through its user manual will assist in easy maintenance of the snow blower. You need not take care of this aspect while you are using it but maintenance needs to be performed even before and after the season. 

Before using it for the current season, make sure that you change the oil, spark plug, or any other required replaceable part of the blower to use it effectively. Also, check for the clutch levers and cables and even you can re-paint some of the old parts of the blower to give it a brand-new look before use.

Also, make sure that you lubricate the desired parts of the blower before using it in the season. While using the snow blower, make sure that you keep on checking it for any sort of damages and always use the fuel stabilizers so that you can prevent leakage in case you are using a gas-powered snow blower.

Once you are done with the season for clearing snow, then you must maintain it properly before storing it for the next season. If you don't maintain it properly at this instant then you will face issues while using it for the next season.

To have proper maintenance before storing the blower, keep a proper tab that you drain the entire fuel at the end of the season for better performance. Thoroughly clean the machine with a wet cloth so that you can store it impeccably.

5. Keep Proper Tab of the Safety while using the Snow blower

No doubt, using a snow blower is quite easy but still, it is a machine and you can't even overlook the hazard that can occur if you don't take care of the proper safety while using the snow blower. If you want to unclog the snow blower then never think that you can do it with your hands because it is quite risky even if you are wearing gloves.

So, always do this with the assistance of some long wooden stick or broom so that you are not at any risk of harming yourself. When you are operating the snow blower, then make sure that you are wearing proper clothing that is not loose and you are wearing proper eye protection to protect yourself completely while using the snow blower.

Also, make sure that you are not in contact with any of the rotating parts of the blower because it can be a bit risky. If you are using a gas-powered snow blower in which refilling is required then make sure that the engine cools down properly before you start with this process because it can harm your hands.

While using the blower make sure that you have a proper grip over it with both of your hands so that you can manage it easily. Above all, make sure that you pay proper attention to the engine of the blower because it has the major tendency to harm you. So, it should never remain unattended.


By now, you must have come across the steps that you need to perform to properly operate a snow blower to meet your expectations. If you follow these steps religiously then undoubtedly you can use the snow blower impeccably. 

Using a snow blower single handily is not that difficult as it seems at the first glance. You just need to be particular about the type of snow blower you are using. And you can use it flawlessly without landing yourself in any sort of trouble. So, what are you waiting for? Just take your snow blower and follow these steps to make the most out of it!! 

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