How to Hurricane Proof your Garage Door


Hurricanes can be frightening and can cause severe damage to life and property. While we are told several preventive measures to avoid loss of life when encountered with a natural calamity like a hurricane, nobody ever tells us what we can do to protect our house or property against the same.

hurricane proof garage door

Along with pre-planning your evacuation during a hurricane, family protection, mobile homes, it is important to list some safety measures you could provide your house against a natural calamity like and hurricane.

Hurricane Proofing the Garage door

It begins with identifying the most vulnerable spot exposed to the most damage and will spiral the rest of your house into destruction.

  • After multiple surveys, it can be concluded that Garage doors are the weakest spot that can pave the way for destruction. 
  • This is most apt in the case of old doors that cannot withstand even the slightest wrath of nature. 
  • Providing necessary protection to your garage door may demand a little investment, but it is necessary to have long-term benefits. 
  • The first tip would be to replace your old door with a new, more enhanced door to mitigate the impact of a hurricane. 
  • While even the strongest of doors have a ceiling strength, they can provide you and your family with due protection when the factors involving the storm are inside the bounds. 
  • It can withstand and protect your house against winds up to 110 mph. High wind speed is the frontman of a hurricane, and this may cause the most damage. Your garage door needs high-speed wind-proofing above all. 

While remedies like replacing the current door with a sturdier one may assist to some extent, backup measures to consolidate its position are equally essential.

This can be ensured by undertaking a series of steps and measures such as reinforcing your garage door. This is a measure that should be taken regardless of a likely hurricane arising or a warning issued by the authoritative bodies. It is an essential step that guarantees safety in the abrupt occurrence of natural calamities like a hurricane.

Proper reinforcements

garage door reinforcements

The job of reinforcing can be done more than one way, the first being installing a sturdy door with a protective mechanism. Most of all should be wind pressure rated because it is the high wind speed you need protection against. It should resist the wind pressure to a large extent if it hopes to have a chance of survival.

To ensure the fulfillment of these steps, it is advised to hire a contractor as this is not a one-man job. The installation needs much attention as faulty set-up may lead to adverse effects.

If the door is, say, loose by the hinges, it may succumb to high wind pressure almost instantaneously, regardless of the strength of the door itself. Tight links are an important aspect of the installation.

If the wind enters your house via the garage, a.k.a the weakest spot, it may spiral your belongings into destruction and leave you with nothing but debris.

To keep your house from getting destroyed, you need to make sure that your garage door is your first and last line of defense against a hurricane. 


You can ensure the mitigation, if not the eradication of damage caused by a hurricane, to a large extent if these protective measures are duly undertaken.

Many lives and properties have been lost at the hands of natural calamities in various regions across the United States. With the rising occurrences of these calamities, measures to mitigate the impact are widely taught and opted.

Hurricane-proofing your garage door can prove to be abundantly helpful since it can provide a clear-cut opening for unnumbered calamities.

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