What is the Ideal Humidity Level for Home

We take uncountable measures to ensure a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our family. These measures may predominantly include healthy eating habits, sleeping patterns, and regular exercise. While we focus on this broad idea of a healthy lifestyle, we overlook what we consider infinitesimal factors that eventually have a colossal impact on our health.

While an 8-hour sleep is considered to be imperative, certain factors also affect our health enormously. Sleeping is a recurring state of mind and body wherein your body undergoes several changes and determines the course of your health.

humidity level for sleep

Thus, sleeping in just the ideal temperature and other climatic components is as important as sleep. This includes the ideal room temperature and healthy humidity levels.

Healthy sleeping patterns and climatic levels not only point your mind and body into a progressive state but also boosts significant health particulars.

In this article, I intend to discuss the prominence of the humidity levels in a room and the ideal humidity level for sleeping, which will help you in more than one way.

So, What is Humidity?

Humidity is the amount of water vapor suspended in the air. High humidity incorporated with high temperatures can be perilous to your health. The same goes for low humidity. A balance in the temperature and humidity is what you call an ideal ambiance.

Humidity classified into two types, called Absolute Humidity and Relative Humidity. 

Absolute Humidity

It can be described as the concentration of water vapour in the air regardless of the temperature. 

Relative humidity

Relative humidity measures the current absolute humidity relative to the highest point of that temperature. 

Humiditiy Levels for Summer 

humidity level for summer

It is harder for your body to evaporate sweat during summertime due to the high concentration of water vapor in the air. This makes one feel infernally uncomfortable, and one cannot hope for sound sleep.

People with overactive sweat glands succumb to such conditions more than regular people. Such people struggle to fall asleep on humid nights, which eventually poses serious health hazards. Sleeping is one of the most important natural processes, and irregular patterns can have an adverse effect on your body and mind.

Humidity levels with healthy implications usually range from 30% to 50%. The air-conditioner temperature needs to be adjusted and monitored closely as all-day functioning will augment the figures on your electricity bills and be harmful to the environment.

24/7 functioning of the air conditioner is needed if the set temperature and its uniformity does not negatively affect your body, and bills.

Humiditiy Levels for Winter

During winters, try using a humidifier to balance the humidity levels in your room for sound sleep. A humidifier is a device that keeps the ambiance in a room moist.

It comes in handy when water vapor's concentration in the air is lower than what is considered usual and healthy. They have been widely used to keep the moisture content in the air in check.

A humidifier is also essential to maintain, so it does not exhibit any faulty behavior or adversely impact your health. Check our recommended humidifiers to get a better life span.

For instance, a humidifier with impure water may become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which in turn will be hazardous to your health.

Using pure water and changing the water at regular intervals can eliminate the probability of unhealthy moisture in the air.


As I have mentioned before, the ideal humidity should be between 30% and 50%, as at those levels, there is a proper balance in the humidity that does not cause health hazards.

The room's humidity can be measured by a number of devices, including an analog or digital hygrometer. It can help you measure the humidity levels accurately and take the necessary steps to bring about the proper balance we just talked about. Check our guide to find the best hygrometer for you.

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