La Crosse Technology V40-PRO-INT Review – Worth Every Penny?

La Crosse Technology V40-PRO-INT Review

Best Weather Station for Data Representation

Bottom Line

It is truly one of the hot selling weather stations for home use. We have reviewed with simple installation, strong wifi signal, a separate temperature display, and more. If you're on a tight budget, this weather station is an ideal fit in our book.

Coming to the main sell, it is definitely the clean, simple, and professional manner in which the data recorded is displayed so that people of all ages will not face any issues in decoding the readings.

Everyone from a professional to a novice will absolutely adore the representation of data.

Best Weather Station for Data Representation


  • Sensor search button
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • 915 MHz transmission frequency
  • Foliage tree icons depicting seasons
  • Multi combination wind and rain sensor set
  • Wind, rain, temperature and humidity alerts

La Crosse Technology V40-PRO-INT Rating

Battery Life
Easy to Read
Tech Support
Overall Rating


  • Accurate and reliable readings
  • Separate temperature display
  • Weatherproof
  • Accurate and reliable readings
  • Simple set-up


  • App has bugs which need to be taken care of
  • Wi-fi connectivity issues

Available Sensors

  • Anemometer
  • Wind Vane
  • Solar Sensor
  • Rain Gauge
  • Thermometer
  • Humidity monitor

Anytime we decide to shop for something, it becomes a headache with all the choices out there. The same applies when we want to buy a home weather station.

We keep wondering which is the best one for us as it isn't possible to try each and every one of them to check whether or not they're apt for our usage.

No need to fret anymore, today we're giving you an in-depth review of one of the top weather stations up for grabs- La Crosse Technology V40- PRO-INT Weather station. Read on to know how it fares.

La Crosse Technology V40-PRO-INT Review in Detail

You can face the unpredictability of the weather with a smile by using this weather station. It is produced by one of the most reliable companies in weather instruments, La Crosse.

The display includes a dynamic and vibrant color display with several forecast icons that show what kind of weather to expect on that day.

You also get personalized values of the wind, rain, indoor-outdoor temperature, pressure, and more in real-time.

It helps you decide whether you need to water your plants or a good day to host an outdoor pool party.

The wireless La Crosse Technology V40-PRO-INT hosts all the necessary features to provide complete information about every weather parameter near your area.

Best Weather Station for Data Representation

La Crosse Technology V40-PRO-INT Features


The wind and rain sensors are present in a multi-combination along with a solar sensor. This combination sensor detects both wind speed and measures the precipitation accumulated.

Spinning wind cups with a wind vane serves as the wind sensor to measure wind speed and direction while a rain funnel with a self-emptying rain vent acts as the rain sensor. 

All in all, these sensors are effective and get the job done well to provide accurate and precise readings.

Selectable history

Wind speed and rain measurements have the option to store selectable history so you can decide what values to record and what values to discard for your future reference. 

We grew quite fond of this as it means you can trash all the junk values and data and keep just what is needed; mighty useful indeed.

Wireless transmission

This is a wireless weather station where you can unlock a number of features by connecting to Wi-Fi.

This means that there is no hassle or problems of transmission of data from the sensors to the display or need of wires and cables to facilitate an external connection.

Though we didn't face a single problem once everything was set up, in fact, it is one of the weather stations with amazing data transmission- we'll also admit that network issues were persistent during the initial stage.

The transmission range is wide and nearly 100m wide. The signal strength has good reception and strong penetration power, so you get seamless data transfer.

Data Transfer

The wireless sensors refresh displayed data in a matter of seconds, and you have a number of programmable alerts to indicate you if any parameter is way out of range.

The extreme measurement of parameters on either side is recorded, saved and displayed on a daily basis. You are also get notified about high wind speed. 

You get real-time access to data, which is truly a blessing. The foliage and forecast icons also mean that you don't need to spend extra time on making mental calculations.

Search ID feature

In case you find difficulty in searching for your sensors after a storm, or someone tampers with it, a unique sensor ID and tracking application will help you track it easily.

This is truly an amazing asset to have onboard regardless if we ever end up using it or not.

NWS and NIST calibration

As soon as you connect your weather station to a WiFi network, you immediately access additional features such as the option to display forecast images, severe weather percentage values in case of risk of tornadoes, hail, thunderstorms, and more. 

You can also set time, date, and other calibration features according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST), as well as NWS reports. This way, you can get additional data about snow, fog, storm, ice, and other conditions.

WiFi connection

You don't need a single wire, gateway, or bridge! The wireless La Crosse Technology V40-PRO-INT can conduct remote monitoring exclusively through a WiFi connection.

The La Crosse Technology V40-PRO-INT requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band for connectivity. We did face some difficulty in the initial connection, but it is bearable and gets better with time. 

We recommend connecting to WiFi to unlock several bonus features that are surely a treat like additional forecast images, severe weather percentage in case of tornadoes, hail, thunderstorms, and calibration with NIST and NWS.

Weather station app

The app is user friendly with a clean, decluttered UI and allows for effective monitoring. We found the app to be decent enough despite ratings on the App Store for bugs. 

The instructions are useful too; it is well written in simple language, making it easy to understand, though it might initially require a little bit of patience and time to set it up properly- after that, it's definitely a dream to use.

Temperature sensor

The separate temperature sensor was definitely a big win, in our opinion, as it is incredibly handy and improves the accuracy by leaps and bounds.

It ensures that you can place it in opposite directions to the other sensors, in cool locations where heat doesn't influence readings.

Readings and measurements are very accurate and it is precise in accordance with several weather stations based on the weather underground.

Additional features and customization

You can add more sensors to track additional information and display them directly on the La Crosse app so you can access the data on your phone or laptop even when you are away. 

You can change the settings and customize the app to receive notifications, images, historical charts, and other details. Change of precipitation and eight additional forecast icons are also included on the display.


No other weather station knocks it out of the park like the La Crosse Technology V40-PRO-INT, whether it's the foliage icons, graphical representation, high-low values, alarms, and 24-hour alerts. We recommend this weather station to all potential buyers wholeheartedly.

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