Litheli Cordless Snow Blower Review

Litheli Cordless Snow Blower Review Summary

Best Single Stage Battery Powered Snow Blower


  • 180° chute rotation
  • 2x4000mAh Lithium-ion batteries
  • Comes with adjustable handle height
  • 2 LED Headlights
  • 8-position deflector
  • Max Clearing depth 12''
  • Max Clearing width 20''
  • Max Throw Distance 25 feet

Litheli Cordless Snow Blower Specifications

Power Source

Battery Powered

Maximum Throw Distance

25 Feet

Clearing Width

20 Inches

Clearing Depth

12 Inches

Power Output


LED Lights





50.8 pounds

Wheel Size

7 Inches

Dimensions LxWxH

25 x 22.44 x 18.5 inches

Litheli Cordless Snow Blower Review

Grabbing a snow blower during the winters is one of the essential things. If you don't have a powerful snow blower to beat the winters, you need to struggle with the snow. Especially if you are residing in some areas with extreme conditions, then possessing a snowblower becomes a mandatory task.

But, various types of snow blowers are available in the market. Which one is the perfect choice? This is one of the most interesting questions that you just need an answer to. 

So, here comes one of the most efficient choices for you, i.e., Litheli Cordless Snow Blower. It is one of the perfect choices for your needs if you want a blower to work phenomenally without creating any fuss or noise. It is a battery-powered snow thrower that will stand by your expectations and deliver impeccable results. Before possessing a snow thrower, it is essential to know every single detail about it. 

But, nowadays, no one has that kind of time to go to the market and hustle with many options available to satisfy their needs. Now, what to do? We have got your back!! We'll offer you a detailed review of the Litheli cordless snowblower so you can analyze whether it is a perfect fit for your needs or not. 

So, let's deep dive into it!

Litheli Cordless Snow Blower Features

Features of the blower will help distinguish this blower from others and give you an idea of what Litheli has in-store for you. 

1. High Efficiency

Litheli snowblower offers great power to remove a large amount of snow in no time. It comes bundled with a brushless motor that is just apt to make things easier for you. This motor makes use of the entire battery life, so you get the full potential of clearing without leaving any stone unturned.

With this motor at your disposal, you need not worry about the maintenance of the motor as it doesn't demand any maintenance from your end. 

It is a cordless snow blower; therefore, it gives you the freedom to take the snowblower anywhere and everywhere to clear the snow from your way. Apart from that, you need not fall prey to refilling the blower with lubricant to keep it working.

So, you are free from any sort of mess created by the lubricant. Isn't it cool? In addition to that, this thrower can easily throw the snow up to 20" wide and 12" deep. With a single pass of the thrower, you can easily blow the snow up to a distance of 20' in no time.

2. Tremendous Battery Power

When you hear the word battery-powered, then you must be haunted with the thought that its battery would be drained easily, and there is no fun in possessing it. This is a normal thought, and there is no harm in thinking this way.

But, Litheli doesn't let you suffer in any sort of situation. It comes powered with 2-batteries, so you don't get stuck with your work. You even get the privilege to close the compartment that contains batteries, so snow doesn't intrude with the batteries. 

These lithium-ion batteries make sure that Litheli snow blower delivers strong and fade-free power. It will help eliminate the noise caused by the gas or the corded models of the snow blower. Also, Litheli will assist you in a hassle-free clearing of driveways, sidewalks, and patios without any hindrance to the cord. 

No matter how harsh the weather turns out to be, this battery-backed blower will start without any delays.

3. Ergonomic design

Design holds a crucial role in deciding the apt blower for your needs. Litheli comes with 2 LED headlights that can turn on/off automatically without any difficulty. These are located at the top front of the housing to help you see the snow layer and get super clean surroundings.

Moreover, this snow blower even supports adjustable handle height at the upper handle. You can also adjust the height by setting the locking lever at a different hole on the same side. 

You can even divert the direction of snow throwing with its 180 degrees chute rotation. You can use the chute crank or the deflector handle to adjust the discharge direction of the chute. Adding to this, you can use the handle to adjust the angle of the deflector within the range of 45 degrees.

This is one of the best features that you can get from any of the available snow blowers in the market. 

4. Great Add-ons

Litheli cordless snow blower offers a humongous amount of add-on features to offer a great snow clearing experience. It comes with a 2-step starting mechanism to start the blower. Firstly, depress and hold the lock-off button and then squeeze the bail.

After that, release the lock-off button as soon as you turn on the blower switch. In addition to that, it doesn't release any harmful emissions while operating. 

Once the season is over, you need not panic about its storage. You can perfectly use the Litheli for the next season. And store it by using its foldable handles. These handles are designed to occupy minimal space, so your other space gets utilized properly. What else do you expect from the cordless snow blower?

5. Warranty for reliability

This snow blower is a perfect choice for powder snow, so you need not face any trouble in the long run. You won't face any difficulty in turning on the blower in most conditions. But, in case it doesn't start, try to check the battery's temperature.

To resolve this issue, allow the battery to warm up indoors and try again using it after some time. You should make it a rule of thumb to thoroughly wipe off the snow from the machine after every use. And always store it at some dry place to enhance its longevity. 

Always keep in mind the performance of the blower will primarily depend upon the snow conditions around you. So, don't compare your conditions with others. Moreover, it also supports a 5-year warranty for the tool and a 3-year warranty for the battery and the charger. Litheli Cordless Snow Blower is light in weight and easy to use. So, use it to the maximum potential.

Litheli Cordless Snow Blower Unboxing and Assembly

Litheli Cordless Snow Blower User Manual

You will be receiving a detailed user manual while purchasing a Litheli Cordless Snow Blower. If you want, you can also check out the user manual from the company's official website. This user manual will have a complete guide on the different parts of this Snow blower and how to assemble it easily.

If you wish to check out the official user manual of this Litheli Cordless Snow Blower, click here.


Litheli cordless snow blower is a snowblower that will suffice your needs to the maximum potential. By now, you must have got a detailed idea about all the features that Litheli snowblower has in store for you.

Make a note of your needs and try to map them with the features that Litheli offers. So, without any further delays, grab this one and make your life convenient. We hope that this Litheli cordless snow blower review was insightful. 

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