How to Measure Wind Speed Without Anemometer


Generally, outdoor endeavors necessitate precursory actions such as measuring wind speed and direction to fathom the success or failure of the ensuing outdoor activity or sport. 

For instance, if you want to fly a kite in the park, you may want to assess how strong the wind is blowing and in which direction it is blowing.

This intel may not only allow you to fly a kite properly but also give it a stimulus for better flying. This leads us to ask the question, “how to measure the speed and direction of the wind?”.

How to Measure Wind Speed?

The standard solution to measuring wind speed is using wind measuring devices such as anemometers.

Anemometer is a device used to measure the speed of the wind, the direction of the wind, atmospheric pressure, and temperature. The last two particulars are apt in digital anemometers, which are state-of-the-art devices in front of traditional anemometers.

You can get a comprehensive outline of the weather outside with the help of an anemometer before stepping out and getting on with activities such as kite flying, cycling, sailing, boating, skateboarding, etc.

It even makes activities such as camping, trekking, and hiking easy because while indulging in such endeavors, you want the weather and the wind to be on your side or maybe just know how the wind will behave.

By the way, devices like an anemometer may not in your hand all the time. So we also learn to measure the wind speed without the help of an anemometer.

How to Measure Wind Speed Without Anemometer?

There are plenty of alternatives that will allow you to measure the wind speed without using an anemometer.

Indeed, they would not be as accurate as a digital anemometer as it is an instrument with the incorporation of several sensory units, and thus, the accuracy is unmatched.

However, this does not mean that the anemometer is our sole option for measuring the wind speed.

If you are someone with whom the utmost accuracy is not the need of the moment, we can look into plenty of other alternatives that will allow you to measure the wind speed without an anemometer.

In this article, we will explore these alternatives in-depth, and I hope by the time I am finished, you are left with more enlightenment on the subject. 

How to Use a Probe Thermometer

Forget about the sophisticated means of measuring the wind speed through a comprehensive design, and let’s go back to the very basics.

The concept of measuring wind speed with the use of ribbon is not something new to the world. It is a highly common practice in less developed regions where people use their creativity and mind to get things done rather than rely on comprehensive devices such as an anemometer.


Step 1 - Take ribbon and stick

To measure the wind speed via this method, all you need is a ribbon and a stick. Once you have adjusted the ribbon on the stick, you will be able to measure the wind speed and direction with ease.


Step 2 - Tie ribbon and stick

Place a few ribbons, one on top of the other, and tie them together from one end. Attach this part you just made with a stick.


Step 3 - Hold the device

Once you are done making the apparatus, hold the device up above your head to be subjected to the blowing wind.

This simple design will allow you to measure the wind speed in the most basic and simplest ways. However, if you need the most accurate result means buy our recommended digital anemometers.


Knowing how to measure the wind speed without an anemometer comes in handy after reading this article. This can be used in various activities such as cycling, running, flying, camping, trekking, and hiking.

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