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Best Home Weather Station for Alarm

Bottom Line

After spending so much time with this wonderful weather station, there is no doubt in our mind that the Newentor weather station is a worthy investment, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone for its amazing bundle of features.

Everything from the display to the battery its accuracy is just too good for praise. Coming to the thing that makes the Newentor weather station stand out, it's alarms feature.

It doesn't matter what your location is; the Newentor weather station has you covered as it recognizes several time zones and lets you take maximum benefit by making automatic resetting and adjustments.

Best Home Weather Station for Alarm


  • Thermometer and hygrometer can connect to 3 channels
  • Large LCD display
  • Moon phase viewing options
  • Adjustable brightness and backlight
  • Two power modes
  • Digital alarm clock with access to many time zones

Our Rating

Battery Life
Easy to Read
Tech Support
Overall Rating


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to handle
  • Good brightness settings
  • Battery saving
  • Value for money


  • Signal issues
  • Transmission range could have been wider

Available Sensors

  • Thermometer
  • Hygrometer
  • Barometer

When you have decided to invest in a home weather station to improve your lifestyle, picking the best one for you is definitely the toughest part.

With so many types, models, designs, and brands flooding the market, it becomes difficult to pick the one that is a perfect fit for your needs.

There's no need to hang your head though we're here to help you out! And today, we're doing that by reviewing a very famous weather station in the market- The Newentor weather station.

Newentor Weather Station Review

Newentor is a fast selling weather station for home use. It comes with many features to help you navigate the weather and atmospheric conditions in and around your home.

This weather station includes a large LCD with a touchscreen to receive readings from different remote sensors around your home.

This Newentor Weather station has a digital thermometer that can be paired with nearly three channels as a wireless sensor.

Newentor calculates weather forecasts for 8-hour intervals according to the atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, and other trends.

This weather station is one of the best in the market and comes with an amazing array of features for getting a complete picture of the surrounding environment.

Best Home Weather Station for Alarm

Newentor Weather Station Features

Transmission range

The Newentor weather station is a wireless weather station that seamlessly connects data between the remote sensors and display.

The remote sensors of this weather station have a 60m transmission range so you can place it in your garden, courtyard or backyard or in your roof and view the readings at your convenience.

We were a bit disappointed with the range as most stations nowadays have a 100m range, but this is not extremely less or a pittance. If you live in a smaller home or area without much open space, you won't find a single issue with the range.


The display also incorporates six simple yet detailed icons that can display the weather forecast at a single glance. Icons also show changes in weather and different moon phases from the new moon to the full moon. 

The temperature readings are interchangeable between °C or °F. The date, time, day of the week are displayed along with trend arrows indicating the rise, fall, or stability of the temperature and humidity values.

Power Modes

Newentor weather station has two power modes, a normal mode, and a battery-saving mode to conserve battery power and cutting the need for repeated battery replacements.

The screen automatically switches off after 10 to 15 seconds of inactivity to conserve power while using battery power. 

The screen constantly lit up if the display doesn’t run on an internal battery and is connected to a power adaptor. These power modes truly a lifesaver, and a lot of appreciation is due.

Programmable Alarms and Alerts

There is a myriad of alarms and alerts available in the weather station, and you can receive notifications regarding the various parameters in the environment.

You can also set alarms for your convenience and a much needed and used snooze function, which gives us a 30-minute sleep timer.

These alarms and alerts definitely were the biggest draw for us, and we're sure even you can't stop raving about it once you try it!

Signal Strength

We'll tell you a few things we had an issue with as well. Despite usually displaying good reception most of the time, the signal is actually quite weak. We faced connectivity or signal strength dropping a number of times.

However, this signal issue isn't something every customer has reported, so perhaps it's not an issue with the hardware and can hopefully be tweaked in the future.


This weather station has a lot of things that it just excels in. The best aspects of the Newentor weather station is definitely the fact that the thermometer and hygrometer provide the connection to nearly three channels, and this helps one to find the temperature in even the most remote places.

The large LCD display with moon phases and adjustable brightness with a backlight is surely a winner! With its ergonomic design and simple operation, the Newentor weather station truly is the embodiment of value for money.

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