How to Repair a Snow Blower [Expert’s Tips]

Having a snow blower is not an easy task because it needs proper maintenance and while you are using your snow blower, you might find some trouble with it. How can you repair it? Can I do it on your own, or do you need some professional assistance? These are some of the questions that strike your mind when you encounter such a situation.

How to Repair a Snow Blower

To help you ease out with this issue, we have come up with this write-up to give you a detailed view of how to repair a snow blower without any difficulty.

So, if you are the one who is also struggling to get your queries sorted, then keep on reading further to know the step-wise procedure for repairing your snow blower.

Let's get started!!

Note: In most cases the below given troubleshooting steps will solve the problem caused in your snowblower. But if it still can't be repaired, then consider investing in the best valued snow blower.

1. If the snow blower is not starting

When you use the snow blower after the off-season, you may encounter the issue that your snowblower is not starting. 

How to Repair a Snow Blower

There are various possibilities that why the blower is not starting. Some common possibilities are: 

a) Defective spark plug

If the snowblower is not starting, you can check for the damage or deposits in the spark plug. You can easily check the spark plug by using a spark tester. If the spark plug produces a solid spark, then there is no problem with the spark plug. But, on the other hand, if it is not creating a stable spark, then replace it.

b) Old fuel

There is a possibility that the snowblower is not starting because it has some old fuel already present in it. If that is the case, you can drain it off by disconnecting the fuel line between the fuel tank and carburetor. You can collect this residual fuel in some pan and try starting the blower once again.

c) Clogged carburetor

If old fuel resides for a long duration inside the carburetor, then it will clog the carburetor. This happens when the old fuel in the carburetor results in fuel evaporation and will ultimately make a thick sticky layer inside the carburetor that makes it clogged.

If this is the case, you can clean the carburetor with the carburetor cleaner. But, if this doesn't work, then you need to replace the entire carburetor.

How to Repair a Snow Blower

2. If the snow blower is not working effectively

While using the snowblower, you may encounter the problem that the snowblower is not blowing the snow as needed. This is also a big problem that needs to be repaired so that the blower can be used effectively.

How to Repair a Snow Blower

Some of the major issues that can lead to the ineffective working of the blower are as follows:

a) Snow build-up

If you witness the snow build-up in the chute, you may encounter the blower is not blowing the snow as desired. You need to switch off the blower and clean the chute for any snow build-up to resolve this issue. If it's not the issue, check the augers for any trouble. 

b) Defect in impeller

The broken impeller can account for the situation when the snowblower is not blowing the snow effectively. If you encounter this, then you can replace the impeller. This is the easiest way that to resolve this problem.

How to Repair a Snow Blower

c) Worn scrapper bar or paddles

If you witness that the scrapper bar of the blower is not working properly, i.e. it is not removing the snow as it was doing before, it is a sign that the scrapper bar requires replacement. On the other hand, if you witness that the paddles have holes, you need to replace the paddles. This is how you can repair the snow blower if it is not working as intended.

3. If the auger is not working

You need to repair the auger of the snow blower if it is not functioning as per the needs. Various issues can come in the auger of the blower. By repairing those issues, you can have a smooth functioning with the snow blower. Some common issues of snowblower's auger are as follows:

a) Broken shear pin

If the auger is not turning in the desired direction, then there is a great possibility that its shear pins or bolts are broken. They are broken when the blower strikes some heavy snow or rock. And, to protect the blower's engine, the shear pins or the bolts get broken. If you see these broken, replace them at the earliest for the proper functioning of the auger.

b) Inappropriate V-belt

V-belt holds a prominent position in making a connection between the engine and gearbox. If this belt is damaged then the auger will not turn properly. You can check for this reason by inspecting the V-belt. If you find any damage, you can easily replace this belt so that the auger can function properly.

c) Broken blades

Auger blades have a great responsibility to maintain the proper functioning of the snowblower. If there is a situation where the blades are damaged then it is an evident sign that it requires replacement. If you don't replace them then, the auger won't function properly.

How to Repair a Snow Blower

4. If the gas is leaking

If you are using a gas-powered snow blower for high performance, you may encounter issues with the gas leakage. Some common problems with the solutions about gas leakage are:

a) Missing carburetor gasket

If you witness the fuel leaking from the bottom of the carburetor, then either its gasket is dried out or missing. You can go for the replacement of the gasket if you encounter this scenario.

b) Fuel filter damage

If you find the fuel leakage, then there might be chances that its fuel filter is damaged. Check for this issue. If you encounter a cracked fuel filter, then don't try to fix it. Because even if you fix it then also it won't work effectively. So, it is a better practice that you should replace the fuel filter without taking any risks.

5. If the wheels are not turning properly

When using a snow blower, you may encounter issues with its wheel turning that need to be taken care of. There might be several reasons that why the wheels are not turning as per the requirements. Some of the common issues are:

a) Inspect for flat tires

While using the snow blower, if you encounter flat blower tires, you can either repair it or replace them completely.

How to Repair a Snow Blower

b) Problematic drive disk

Drive disk plays a prominent role in turning the drive plate. This in turn helps the wheels to easily turn. If you find any problem with the drive disk, you can clean it thoroughly to nullify the problem of wheel turning. Clean it if the drive is wet or greasy.

c) Broken control cable

While using the snow blower, make sure that the control cable can move freely. If the cable is not moving freely, you can apply a little lubricant like oil. If this technique is not working for you, you can go for the replacement of the cable to achieve the desired goal.


Repairing the snow blower is always not a great deal as it seems at first glance. To repair the snow blower properly, you need to understand the problem well that is causing the issue. If you know the problem, then you can easily know how to repair a snow blower.

We have discussed some of the effective and the most common ways in which you can resolve some of the common snow blower problems. You can handle all these repairing tasks on your own.

But, if somehow you are unable to manage these tasks, you can seek some professional assistance to ease out the task. Overall, we just recommend you to check out your snow blower for any issue you are facing and try to fix it as soon as possible.

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