Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 Snowblower Review

Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 Review Summary

Best Cordless Snow Blower


  • 1200 W brushless motor
  • Two 4.0 Ah batteries gives 40mins runtime
  • Safety switch to avoid accidental starting.
  • 4-blade rubber-tipped steel auger.
  • Chute crank is adjustable upto 180º.
  • Max clearing Width 18".
  • Max clearing Depth 10".
  • Max Throw Distance 20ft.

Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 Specifications

Power Source

Battery Powered

Maximum Throw Distance

20 Feet

Plowing Capacity

700 lbs/Hour

Clearing Width

18 Inches

Clearing Depth

10 Inches


1200 W

LED Lights





34.3 pounds

Dimensions LxWxH

40 x 19 x 40 Inches

Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 Review

Have you been frustrated with your gas-guzzling snow blower? Not only high-fuel consumption, I know, many snow blowers also demand endless maintenance, and they are unnecessarily heavy-weight and loud that really could make anyone irritated.

So, the Snow Joe brand introduced a silent and super lightweight snow cutter named Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 in the market. Its cordless design is extremely functional; requires a minimal assembly of around 15 minutes; is perfect for small to mid-sized snow removing jobs over the winter.

With a non-intimidating overlook, you will find all the important features in this ready-to-go cordless electric snow blower that would create a great impression at first, for sure. But before finalizing the purchasing decision, you’ll need to know all about it. So, have a close look at our detailed review part!

Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 Features

1. Design and Performance

The snow cutter machine is much lighter in weight and easier to operate than it looked. You don’t have to assemble much then; the tool will be ready for work. However, every design aspect, specification, and features have their own benefits and limitations.

At your first impression, you may think that the plastic-built parts would only hold up over a few heavy phenomenal conditions; but that is not the case!

The cordless design with a nominal weight of 34.3 pounds requires minimal force to move it forward and make it the perfect snowblower for senior citizens.

The Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 works great with 10-inch deep and large snow. You’ll see better performance with more snow; though, no one could wait for a 10-inches deep snowfall only to observe the difference; Right? Whatever the tool will clear more snow at once if the depth of the snow layer would be less than 10-inches.

2. Engine and Battery Life

The Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 has a 1200W brushless motor, which is quiet and easy to start; it works well with heavier snow but may go slow. The engine does not create any noise and is totally battery-powered, which means neither the loud noise nor the unpleasant scent of oil/gas burning fumes would annoy you and your neighbors.

You can even run the machine in the mid of the night without waking the neighbors, thanks to an LED headlight and quiet engine.

2x 4. 0 Ah batteries powers up the motor and enables around 40 minutes of operation time and clears atleast 14 tons of snow on a single charge. Though, the battery length depends on the snowing conditions. You can clear up a couple of inches of heavy snow in around 35-40 minutes after a full charge; the run time would increase for fluffy snow. If you have to cover a large area, you should have a full-charged second battery ready around you.

3. LED Headlight

You’ll find an integrated LED headlight on the middle part which really comes in handy during nighttime use. The 2W LED bulb is helpful for night use, but it will not illuminate the whole path that one could expect.

4. Modified Auger

Most budget snow blowers come with plastic augers; but, the Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 incorporates a 4-blade rubber-tipped steel-build Auger that quickly clears a path 18” wide x 10” deep in just a single pass.

The rubber coating around the auger helps prevent damage on the surface. The wood deck owners could use this machine without worrying about scuffing the surface.

Also, its integrated scraper bar present at the snowblower base easily clears right to the ground without causing any damage to the driveway or pavement.

But the Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 struggles with hardened snow, tire ruts; plus, it couldn’t work on gravel driveways.

5. Snow Removing Capacity

Clearing snow up to the depth of 10 inches and width of 18 inches with 20 feet of throwing distance is much satisfactory performance for a cordless and budget model.

Moreover, it would go in more depth of around 10 inches for large snow piles and around 12 inches for light and fluffy snow.

However, due to lightweight construction, it takes multiple passes, burns the battery charge quickly, and goes slow to do so. In my opinion, a snowblower housing palate with an 8-inch clearance height is fine for clearing snow around driveways and sidewalks.

6. Adjustable Chute

This snow blower model comes with an adjustable chute; a joystick on the right side of the handle moves this plastic-built chute at 180 degrees side to side. It places the knob in an easy-to-reach position so that you don’t have to bend over to control it.

You can manually control its movement or the vertical angle of the deflector using the knob or moving the upper portion of the chute. But, you have to ensure that you’ve tightened down the knob; otherwise, it could change the angle from your desired position by pushing the deflector up.

Honestly reviewing, you may face some clogging issues in this part due to the wetter snow. Then, you have to stop the machine and clear out the chute. You could spray some snow repellent inside it to avoid such a clogging issue. 

Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 Unboxing and Assembly

Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 User Manual

You will be receiving a detailed user manual while purchasing a Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18. If you want, you can also check out the user manual from the company's official website. This user manual will have a complete guide on the different parts of this Snow blower and how to assemble it easily.

If you wish to check out the official user manual of this Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18, click here.

Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 Accessories

Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 review
Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18 review


As you can see, the 24v-x2-sb18 snowblower combines all the essential features with satisfying performance; that you couldn’t find in other brands at this price point. It is quiet, easy-to-use, environment-friendly, and, most importantly, affordable. But keep in mind this single-stage snow blower is typically designed for light to moderate snowing phenomenal conditions.

You can use this tool to the deck of 3 to 6 inches heavy to light snow; perfect to use for sidewalk and driveway. Hoping you’ll be happy with the assistance of Snow Joe 24v-x2-sb18; plus, you would feel like it’s the tool that you would need over the winter.

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