Snow Joe SJ623E Snow Thrower Review

Snow Joe SJ623E Review Summary

Best Light Weight Snow Blower


  • Powerful 15 Amp electric motor.
  • Light in weight.
  • 180° Remote Chute Control.
  • 100% steel auger.
  • 20 watt halogen headlight.
  • Max clearing Width 18".
  • Max clearing Depth 10".
  • Max Throw Distance 25ft.

Snow Joe SJ623E Specifications

Power Source

Electric Powered

Maximum Throw Distance

25 Feet

Plowing Capacity

720 lbs/Minute

Clearing Width

18 Inches

Clearing Depth

10 Inches

Electric Motor

15 Amp

LED Lights





34 pounds

Dimensions LxWxH

54.5 x 19 x 26 Inches

Snow Joe SJ623E - Bottom Line

If you are searching for a good, easy-to-use, versatile, single-stage snow thrower? Then your pick must Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower which stands out from the rest with no fatuous features. If someone claims that electric snow throwers are not very effective, they surely haven’t come across this machine.

The Snow Joe family claims this model as their most powerful one, and it indeed is. This machine has a powerful motor and is very much durable. Want to know more about the machine? Hold your breath, and we’ll dive into the details in a minute!

Why delay? Let’s start.

Snow Joe SJ623E Review

Do you know what makes a Snow Joe SJ623E snow thrower special? It weighs much less than those heavy gas-powered blowers and is very much user-friendly. Apart from that, they are eco-friendly and require minimal maintenance. You can easily start the machine at the push of a button. And guess what, there’s no gas, no oil, and thus, no hassle!

Don’t underestimate the power of this machine. It can move about 720 pounds of snow per minute. Wondering how this is possible? Well, 2,450 revolutions per minute make it possible. It is ideal for snowfall up to a depth of 10 inches. Thus, you’ll save both your time and energy, and we know you have much more important tasks to complete.

This machine works best on dry snow, though you can use it on wet snow too. Also, as this machine is electric-powered, greenhouse gas will not be emitted, and thus, you can save your climate.

Want to check out the advanced version of this snow blower?

Snow Joe SJ623E Features

When you are buying a snow thrower, you need to consider many factors. You will want to consider your budget, features like augers, motor power, snow moving capacity and whether the machine will be able to fulfill your requirements.

1. Wide Clearing Path

Clearing width is the horizontal diameter of the blade of the snow blower's auger. Larger widths enable you to move a large chunk of snow at one go.

Did you know that snow throwers are advantageous because they clear a much wider path than traditional snow shovels? Also, the latter requires extra effort. This model provides 18 inches clearing path, which is quite impressive.

You don’t need to worry about the trail of snow which stays behind while using the snow shovels.

2. Powerful Motor

The motor in the snow throwers clears the snow quickly and efficiently. The power of an electric motor is measured in amperes.

The motor in this machine runs at 15 amps. Since this is quite powerful, this snow thrower moves up to 720 lb of snow per minute. You can rely on the motor for a long time as it won’t face wear and tear issues easily.

The motor powers on a blade that is 18 inches blade, as mentioned above. So the cutting depth of a snow thrower is essential to check. You need to check whether your machine has a large cutting depth. This one, impressively, offers 10 inches of cutting depth which results in a good performance.

3. 180° Remote Chute Control

This model has a single, high-speed, 4-blade steel auger that scrapes the snow from the ground and propels the snow up through the discharge chute. Here, the discharge chute rotates 180 degrees and lets you throw the snow in your required direction.

You don’t need to bend down to do this. It can be done manually by a crank situated below the handlebar. The turning mechanism of your chute might freeze, so be a little careful.

The chute control eliminates the problem of the snow building up. It throws snow up to 25 feet away. Don’t move too fast with this snow blower, as there are chances for the snow to cause clogs. But you can avoid this by applying a non-stick spray on the inner side of the chute.

Also, an onboard chute clean tool is included in the model, which will help you get rid of the clogged chute in case of a jam.

4. Lightweight

This snow blower weighs only 30 pounds and thus, is quite light in weight comparatively. This may not be the lightest, but this is very easy to handle, be assured. You can move and turn the necessary components easily.

If you are an aged person or someone who faces difficulty in handling heavy machines, you should definitely go for this machine.

This machine is equipped with some plastic components which you need to take care of as they are quite fragile. Go slow while handling huge chunks of slow.

5. Headlights

How good is this model at lighting up the way? This machine comes with a 20-watt halogen light that makes your work much easier. At this price, this is rare. Also, snow-clearing will no longer be a hassle in daylight, dusk, or night hours.

Snow Joe SJ623E Unboxing and Assembly

Snow Joe SJ623E User Manual

You will be receiving a detailed user manual while purchasing a Snow Joe SJ623E. If you want, you can also check out the user manual from the company's official website. This user manual will have a complete guide on the different parts of this Snow blower and how to assemble it easily.

If you wish to check out the official user manual of this Snow Joe SJ623E, click here.

Snow Joe SJ623E Accessories

Outdoor Extension Cord - Snow Joe SJ623E review
Cord Storage Reel - Snow Joe SJ623E review
Protective Cover - Snow Joe SJ623E review


So that's all about the Snow Joe SJ623E snow blower. But before we say goodbye, we ought to mention that you should use a power cord rated 13 amps or higher because anything less than that might burn your motor. If you use it with the right power supply, your machine will deliver its best performance. If you face any difficulty, please text to their helpline number 1-866-766-9563.

Its attractive price has made it special for people in need of a good snow thrower over the years. With compact wheels and 2-year warranty, this smart and eco-friendly machine is ideal for clearing snow from middle to large-sized walkways and driveways. Don't miss out!

If you find this Snow Joe SJ623E review interesting, then give it a big thumbs up. Thanks for reading through!

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