Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Blower Review

Snow Joe SJ625E Review Summary

Best Electric Snow Blower


  • 15 Amp single-staged motor.
  • Max Throw Distance 20ft.
  • Max clearing Width 21".
  • Max clearing Depth 12".
  • Built-in 3-Watt LED headlight.
  • Foldable handle and easy gliding all-terrain wheels.
  • Heavy-duty steel auger with rubber blades.
  • Remote Chute with lever controller and Zip deflector.

Snow Joe SJ625E Specifications

Power Source

Electricity Powered

Maximum Throw Distance

20 Feet

Plowing Capacity

800 lbs/min

Clearing Width

21 Inches

Clearing Depth

12 Inches

Chute Adjustment

180º turning radius

LED Lights





36 pounds

Wheel Size

8 Inches

Dimensions LxWxH

40.6 x 23 x 42.5 Inches

Snow Joe SJ625E - Bottom Line

Snow Joe SJ625E is a single-stage electric snow blower that is faster, more powerful, and efficient than other models. The lightweight tool requires minimal maintenance and little effort for high or heavy anything; that is perfect for use on sidewalks and driveways.

This snow blower is more expensive than other single-stage models, though some exclusive features like dual headlights or steel Auger could be worth the extra cost, we think. If you are ready to invest in the best snow blower that can stay with you for a long time without causing any trouble. Then this might be your pick.

Snow Joe SJ625E Review

Snow Joe is one of the most popular brands in the snow blowers market. You may have already read our previous Snow Joe iON18SB review. But, this time, we’ve tried to push the limits of that cordless model, like limited battery life with a corded snow blower model of Snow Joe.

If you’re the one who wants to avoid the hassle of managing a fueled snow blower and also wants a limitless operation time, the Snow Joe SJ625E could be a solid purchase option for you. 

A snow blower machine with 21-inch clearance width and 12-inch depth like Snow Joe SJ625E wouldn’t restrict you to only large snow areas; you could clear up the snow from small areas as well, just with a single pass. The powerful engine gets started with ease, efficiently deals with accumulated fluffy snow, but may face clogging issues with too heavy wet snow.

You must be wondering to experience its quick and efficient snow-blowing performance. And, it’s time to discuss what makes it exclusive and exceptional from others in this Snow Joe SJ625E review.

Snow Joe SJ625E Features

1. Design and Assembly

Electric snowblowers are eco-friendly alternatives to the gas-powered ones. Also they don't require gasoline engine oil, and the best part is they are lighter quieter than the traditional snow blowers, and lastly, they offer push-button starts.

Snow Joe SJ625E electric snow blower carries only a 36-pound weight, while the easy-glide wheels enhance maneuverability. It has a minimal footprint and foldable handle, making it easy to store in short storage space. You’ll get a 3-watt LED headlight on the handlebars, which not only illuminates the path at night but also acts more like a safety precaution with the running cars in the area.

The snow blower tool has a 21-inch wide and 8-inch deep steel Auger with two rubber-tipped blades. The steel blades cut the ice dams and make a path with ease, while the entire unit clears up to 2,450 sq. feet area in an hour.

The rubber protection on the auger blades and the 8-inches tires protect the surface from getting damaged and rust spots. The all-terrain wheels allow you to move the tool through the snow with ease putting little effort, even across the wet and heavy snow. 

You would get the snow blower machine in almost assembled conditions. Aside from the handlebars and Chute, there is nothing to attach with it, and you can easily assemble these parts. One more thing, you have to purchase a long extension power cord separately, which should have 15 Amp power tolerance ability and durability for outdoor usage. 

2. Performance

The majority of the body is made of durable plastic. You might feel the lightweight machine is a bit flimsy, but it would perform a lot better than you expected. The snow removing tool works best on six by eight inches of light and fluffy snow, though you could expect a nearly efficient snow removal performance for wet snow, as well.

The electric motor is super fast; it allows you to move up to 800 pounds of snow in a minute. The snow cutter housing cuts the accumulated snow in 21 inches wide by 10 inches deep for fluffy snow and a maximum of 4 to 5 inches deep for heavy wet snow.

However, the Chute throws the snow up to 25 feet away, while the headlight illuminates the path at night. We’re pretty sure that you would get value for the price you pay for it. 

3. Durable Steel Auger

The other competitor brands offer plastic-built Augers in such a low price range, but the Snow Joe features a steel Auger to enhance durability. The material is a little thin but heavy-duty enough to run on all types of accumulated snow and ice dams.

The intelligent implementation of rubber paddles makes the tool perfect for using over wood decks and flat surfaces. It protects the surface from further damaging, scratching, and getting rust spots.

The rubber-built auger blades may wear with time, but you would get original branded replacements of these blades. But, we would recommend avoiding using the snow blower machine on gravel or rocky areas. Such an uneven surface would wear out the paddle more quickly than expected.

The auger housing is 12 inches deep and 21-inches wide; it could dig the light snow maximum of 10 inches deep and remove 800 pounds of snow in a single pass. The steel auger even can handle hard compacted snow and dig out the ice dams a bit, up to 4-5 inches of intense.

4. Plastic Chute

The Chute is made of heavy-duty plastic material, which works fine within 180 degrees turning radius. The directional Chute lets you throw the snow up to 20 feet away in your desired direction.

Though most electric snow blower machines scatter the snow due to the limited power; whereas, Snow Joe tried their best to fix this issue with their SJ625E model.

The light snows get flown through it with ease, but you could see clogging issues at left or side positions with wet snow. Applying non-stick spray could help in this matter, though keeping the snow blow straight ahead would be the better solution.

The Chute controller turns the direction from left to right and vice versa with ease, though some users complained that they felt the crank part is a bit stiff for moving from one position to the next. But, the users would overlook this minor annoyance while they think about the price and performance. They even could adjust the height of the snow stream by adjusting the Chute deflector. 

5. 15 Amp Motor

The SJ625E snow blower machine features a fast and powerful 15 amp engine inside, which gracefully deals against most snowy conditions. The motor is quiet, environment friendly, and maintenance-free. The engine works so fast, and it should be plugged into a 15 amps rated power outlet via an extension cord.

However, the Auger would start working and rotating immediately after you switched on the snow blower unit. And, you can turn on the snow blower machine by just squeezing the switch bar lever and pressing the safety switch button. Once the engine starts working, you could release the safety button and resume the operation at your need.

The heavy wet snow could slow down the motor a bit, but still, it provides a satisfying snow-plowing capacity. The heavy or too hard snow is a concern for this machine; aside from slowing it down, the hard ice dam could even burn the motor.

Snow Joe SJ625E Unboxing and Assembly

Snow Joe SJ625E User Manual

You will be receiving a detailed user manual while purchasing a Snow Joe SJ625E. If you want, you can also check out the user manual from the company's official website. This user manual will have a complete guide on the different parts of this Snow blower and how to assemble it easily.

If you wish to check out the official user manual of this Snow Joe SJ625E, click here.

Snow Joe SJ625E Accessories

Outdoor Extension Cord - Snow Joe SJ625E review
Snow Joe SJ625E review - Protective Cover


Getting rid of messy snow is fun when you have the Snow Joe SJ625E around you. It doesn’t matter how deep or heavy the accumulated snow is; you’ll get clean walkways and driveways within a few minutes. Moreover, there would not be the hassle of oil changing or gas filling that means no irritating smell of burning fuel; plus, the machine works quietly.

You could make your path removing the accumulated snow at any time without waking up your neighbors. The powerful 3-watt LED headlight comes in handy at night, which is a big plus of this snow blower model.

The only major drawback of this electric snow blower machine is corded operation, which demands a long and durable cable. Otherwise, it could restrict the coverage area for snow removal, and the power cord could last for a short time as you would use this tool outdoors. Hope this Snow Joe SJ625E review was helpful. Thanks for reading through!

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