How to Clean Snow Blower Carburetor

A carburetor is an important part of the snow blower that impacts its efficiency. This part remains in function for most of the time, making it more prone to issues. If you don't clean the carburetor regularly, then you compromise on its performance. But before starting with the cleaning process, you must be well aware of why there is a need for cleaning. Even if you don't want to remove the carburetor from the blower, you can also clean it.

But, you must be wondering how you can achieve this? Need not worry; you are at the right place with this article, we'll discuss the entire approach to clean the carburetor in a stepwise manner so that you can achieve your purpose. So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive in further to check out the snowblower carburetor cleaning methods without any external supervision.

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snowblower carburetor cleaning

Signs to clean a carburetor

Before cleaning a carburetor of the snowblower, you must be well-versed with the signs of whether it needs cleaning or not. If you find any of these signs for your snowblower, then it's high time that you clean it effectively to improve upon the efficiency of the snowblower. Let's discuss various signs that will make it clear that you need to clear the carburetor. 

1. Trouble in starting the snowblower

If you have tried many times to start the blower and you are unable to start it at the very first instant, then it is an evident sign that you need to clean the carburetor of the blower.

snowblower carburetor cleaning

2. Idle

If your snowblower isn't in use for a long time, then you need to clean the carburetor properly to use it. 

3. Large fuel consumption

If you observe that your snowblower is consuming more fuel than usual, then it is an evident sign that its carburetor needs cleaning. The carburetor must have accumulated a large amount of dirt that forces it to overwork and consume a higher amount of fuel.

4. Smoke

While using the snow blower, if you observe that the snow blower produces a large amount of black smoke, then dirt must be clogged inside the carburetor. It is a clear sign that you need to clean the carburetor.

snowblower carburetor cleaning

5. Overheating

If the engine of the snowblower starts heating, then it can lead to poor and slower performance. When the blower becomes inefficient, it is evident that the snowblower's carburetor needs cleaning.

6. Improper accelerations

If the acceleration is not even proper for the snowblower, then it's high time that you need to clean your carburetor. It will even hinder the proper functioning of the blower so there is a need to clean it immediately.

7. Flooding

If there is a large quantity of fuel getting into the cylinder, you need to clean the carburetor and make it effective.

How to clean Carburetor?

Snowblower carburetor cleaning can be done by either removing it from the blower or even if you don't remove it from the blower. You can also easily clean it without any difficulty.

snowblower carburetor cleaning

A) Cleaning the carburetor by not removing it from the snowblower

By following this stepwise mechanism, snowblower carburetor cleaning can be done easily even if it is placed inside it and you don't want to remove it. So, let's walk through further to check how you can clean it without removing it from the snow blower.

1. Turn off the snowblower

When you want to clean the carburetor, make sure that the blower is turned off properly and even cools down before you start cleaning it. You can wait for a couple of minutes after turning off the machine so that it cools down.

2. Remove the muffler

To clean the carburetor, you need to access it completely and that could be possible only if you remove the muffler. You should remove the nuts and bolts using the socket wrench to achieve this task. If you are not aware of where the muffler is present, you can check the user manual of the snow blower for easy reach.

3. Remove the gas tank

If you are using a gas-powered snow blower, then you also need to remove its gas tank. It will assure that there is no fuel spilling. You can remove the bolts with the help of a socket wrench and keep the gas tank safely aside.

4. Put an empty container under the bowl

Now, you need to empty the carburetor if fuel is there. You can use the empty container that can be placed under the bowl to collect this fuel. Even if you are not aware of where the bowl is present for your blower, then you can easily locate it with the assistance of the user manual that comes with it.

5. Drain the fuel

Cleaning the carburetor is impossible without draining the fuel completely from it. To achieve this you need to take out the nuts from the base of the bowl. Wait till the entire fuel comes inside the container placed under the bowl. Once it is properly drained then only you can clean the carburetor thoroughly.

6. Clean the bowl

Now, as the entire fuel from the bowl is emptied and it is even loosed up. Your next step is to take a piece of wet cloth dipped in the carburetor solution and clean the bowl from inside.

7. Scrub the nuts

While cleaning the snowblower carburetor there is a bit of debris that gets on the nuts. So, you need to clean that also. You can spray the required amount of cleaning solution so that you can clean the nuts effectively.

8. Clean dirty holes

You can clean the dirty holes of the carburetor with the assistance of the copper wire. Also, you can spray the holes with the assistance of a cleaner so that you can easily clean the carburetor.

9. Blow leftovers

Even after cleaning the carburetor, you find any debris inside it then you can use the blower to blow the leftovers. You can apply the compressed air to each hole so that it is thoroughly cleaned.

snowblower carburetor cleaning

10. Reassemble

Now, you have completely cleaned the carburetor and it's time to reassemble the bowl that you have taken off from it. Tighten the nuts and use this blower impeccably for your needs.

B) Cleaning the carburetor by removing it from the snowblower

1. Check the manual

To remove the carburetor in the first place, you need to be well-versed with each part of the snowblower. To do this, you can refer to the manual that comes with the snowblower so that you can easily remove it without landing yourself in any trouble.

2. Remove the carburetor

Now, you need to remove the carburetor and this can be achieved with the assistance of the screwdriver. You can even record the entire process of removing the carburetor with the video camera so that you don't feel any difficulty at the time of reassembling.

3. Dip in cleaning liquid

Once you have removed the carburetor, then immerse it in the cleaning liquid for approximately three hours. This will assist in removing the dirt and impurities properly. After the carburetor is soaked for this much duration, take it out and rinse it with clean water.

4. Clean the small holes

To properly clean the carburetor, you must clean the holes properly. This will help to remove any impurities that are stuck inside those holes. You can repeat this process 2-3 times so that all the holes are properly cleaned.

5. Blow with air

Once you have completely cleaned the holes of the carburetor, make sure that you treat it with compressed air as well. This will help to remove even the leftovers from the holes that were not treated properly even with the soaking.

6. Reassemble the carburetor

If you are sure that your carburetor is thoroughly cleaned then it's time to reassemble all the parts back again. If you are confused about this part then you can check the recording that you have done while removing the carburetor from the snow blower.


These are the essential ways in which you can clean the carburetor of the snow blower. Whether you want to remove the carburetor from the blower or not, you can easily clean it without any difficulty. Cleaning is not at all difficult if you do it in this stepwise fashion. You just need to be careful while cleaning that you don't hurt yourself in the entire process of cleaning the carburetor.

Moreover, you don't require any external assistance to achieve this task. But, in case, you can seek some professional support even after cleaning the carburetor. So, what are you waiting for? If you find any inefficiency with the working of the blower, then just pull up your socks and do a snowblower carburetor cleaning to achieve the desired results.

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