Toro 38381 Power Curve 1800 Snow Blower Review

Toro 38381 Power Curve 1800 Review Summary

Best Corded Snow Blower


  • 15 Amp single-staged motor.
  • Supported by durable plastic built chute and auger.
  • Remote chute controller and zip deflector.
  • Lightweight design with ergonomic handles
  • Max clearing Width 18".
  • Max clearing Depth 12".
  • Max Throw Distance 30ft.

Toro Power Curve 1800 Specifications

Power Source

Electric Powered

Maximum Throw Distance

30 Feet

Plowing Capacity

700 lbs/minute

Clearing Width

18 Inches

Clearing Depth

12 Inches

Chute adjustment

160º turning radius

LED Lights





26 pounds

Wheel Size

6 Inches

Dimensions LxWxH

36.2 x 18 x 47 inches

Toro Power Curve 1800 - Bottom Line

The Power Curve 1800 (model #38381) snow thrower by Toro carries a minimal weight, but it could clear up to 700 pounds of snow in any situation. This electric snow thrower machine lacks powered steering wheels with multiple speed forward options. Whatever, the lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy to push it up toward the sloped areas.

Also, the one-stage snow removing tool could handle up to 18-inch wide and 12-inches high snow, though it wouldn’t be possible in one pass. So, I can say that Toro 38381 Power Curve 1800 is perfect for light snowing conditions.

For more detailed explanation, you can check out the Toro 38381 Power Curve 1800 Review below given.

Toro 38381 Power Curve 1800 Review

As you know, lots of new brands are capturing the market with time, offering versatile arrays in features, functions, and price ranges. I’ve decided to encounter some familiar names. Today, I’ve chosen an 18-inch corded snow blower, Toro Power Curve 1800. 

Toro Power Curve 1800 snow blower is pretty expensive but one of the most powerful electric machines that I’ve ever seen. The build-quality, motor, and every part are superior to most competitors. The single-stage snow thrower machine never demands complicated assembly; neither the cords nor the fuel system includes hassle during snow removal.

The brand clearly mentioned that the unit is ideal for the areas that get light snow under 30-inches in a year. You could use the tool on flat surfaces, like wood decks, walkways, and driveways, though some users reviewed that the machine successfully cleaned their roof and sloped driveway.

But, I would not recommend doing so. I know it’s lightweight, but you might put more exertion into going uphill, and most importantly, the gravel and rocks could damage the plastic rotor. Try to use the machine only on paved areas; plus, if your region gets occasional snowfall, you could go for another cheaper option, as well. Now let's check out it features in detail. 

Toro 38381 Power Curve 1800 Features

1. Design and Performance

The machine weighs only 26 pounds plus comes with a convenient handle and lever controller, making it easy to operate, lift or carry from one place to the next. The snow blower machine is genuinely light enough to carry around without hurting backs or other body parts and is ideal for all types of users, including old-aged persons. So this can the ideal snowblower for seniors.

It has 18-inch clearance width and a 12-inch deep intake that seems to work better on flat-surfaced areas at light snowing regions. However, the machine clears 3-8 inches of light snow in one pass and throws them about 15-20 feet away, though the heavy wet snow could get far around only 4-5 feet away. However, you could control the throwing distance by changing the throwing angle. 

The snow-removing tool could struggle with large snow drifts or ice dams. The wheels of this machine are pretty small; so, it tends to ride upon the snow piles. So, you have to hold down the snow-removing tool tightly to keep running the motor, which could be tiring for the users. You could break the snow piles with the shovel, at first in this case.

2. Minimal assembly

The manufacturer delivers this electric snow blower machine in almost assembled condition. You only need to assemble the chute lever and the upper handles, which could take only 10 minutes to attach.

The extension cord is not included in the package; so, you have to purchase 15 amps rated durable cord separately. Before buying the cable, never forget to check whether it is durable enough for outdoor usage or not and check the compatibility of amp power to get full from the motor.

3. Single-Stage 15 Amp Electric Motor

The Toro 38381 Power Curve 1800 has a powerful and incredibly silent electric motor. The single-stage electric motor has a durable construction; it offers 15 amp of power; that is the maximum power capacity of an electric snow blower available today in the United States.

The best parts of this electric motor are the less maintenance requirement and silent nature. The machine does not create loud noise like other snow blowers; so, you could use it at any time without having any worry about your neighbors complaining, be it early in the morning or middle of the night.

Moreover, you never have to encounter messy surroundings with the Toro Power Curve 1800. You neither have to change the oil nor fill up the tank with messy gas; you don’t even need to panic about the dead batteries. You could start up the engine in no time, even in the extreme cold.

However, the unit is not battery powered; so, you have to plug in the machine for power supply. The placement of the power outlet or length of cord could limit the coverage area, which is the major shortcoming that I felt about this snow removing machine by Toro. 

4. Durable Plastic-built Auger

The auger has a construction of hard plastic but has no rubber tips. It is durable but could break in extreme cold temperatures or while dealing with the ice dams, heavy snow, and operating on gravel surfaces. You can expect the best result, like 20 feet of snow tossing efficiency, when you would use it on the pavement areas under ideal conditions.

5. Chute and zip deflector

The small chute is also composed of quality plastic material. The vibration of the motor couldn’t affect its durability but could loosen it over time. So, before starting the engine, you have to check whether everything is tightened or not.

There you’ll get a lever controller that allows you to turn the chute left to right at a rotation of 160 degrees without stopping the snow blower machine. The well-designed zip deflector lets you lock the chute at your desired angle, making the snow removing process easier.

6. Power Curve Technology

The power curve technology contributes in delivering high performance though every part of this machine is heavy-duty enough for all types of snow-fall conditions. The modified curvy rotor easily cuts the snow, shapes the ice like a funnel, and accumulates them in the middle to prevent clogging issues in the chute. The power technology enables the machine to remove up to 700 pounds of snow in a minute.

Toro 38381 Power Curve 1800 Unboxing and Assembly

Toro 38381 Power Curve 1800 User Manual

You will be receiving a detailed user manual while purchasing a Toro Power Curve 1800. If you want, you can also check out the user manual from the company's official website. This user manual will have a complete guide on the different parts of this Snow blower and how to assemble it easily.

If you wish to check out the official user manual of this Toro Power Curve 1800, click here.

Toro 38381 Power Curve 1800 Accessories

Toro 38381 Power Curve 1800 Review - Extension Cord
Toro 38381 Power Curve 1800 Review - Toro Snow Blower Cover


Aforementioned, Toro 38381 Power Curve 1800 snow blower is pretty expensive but one of the most powerful electric machines. The build-quality, motor, and every part are superior to most competitors. This single-stage snow thrower machine never demands complicated assembly; neither the cords nor the fuel system includes hassle during snow removal.

Since the battery life could limit operation time, people often prefer the corded model to make the snow removal process hassle-free. So, I’ve decided to let you be familiar with a corded snow blower model. Hopefully, the Toro Power Curve 1800 would give you a comfortable snow throwing experience, and you would get back what you paid for it. 

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