Toro Power Clear 721 E21 Snow Blower Review

Toro Power Clear 721 E21 Review Summary

Best Single-Stage Snow Blower


  • PowerClear 721 E is a 212cc Toro 4-cycle OHV engine.
  • Auger-Propelled Drive System.
  • Recoil and Electric Start.
  • Easy Assembly and Compact.
  • Max clearing Width 21".
  • Max clearing Depth 12".
  • Max Throw Distance 30ft.

Toro Power Clear 721 E21 Specifications

Power Source

Gas Powered

Maximum Throw Distance

30 Feet

Plowing Capacity

1900 lbs/minute

Clearing Width

21 Inches

Clearing Depth

12 Inches

Power Output


LED Lights





87 pounds

Wheel Size

8 Inches

Toro Power Clear 721 E21 - Bottom Line

If you are looking for an optimum snow blower with all the essentials that are just apt for your needs, you must try the Toro snowblowers. They offer a range of models that comes with a bit of variation and you can go for the one that perfectly suits your requirements.

Toro Power Clear 721 E21 gas snow blower is no less. This single-stage gas snow blower will act as your friend in disguise if you need snow clearing for light to moderate levels. You must be wondering that you will get this functionality even in a normal snow blower, then what makes this snow blower stand out? So, here goes the answer!! With this snow blower, you are not restricted to clear only large snow areas, but you even get the privilege to clear the snow from small areas just with a single pass.

 If you want to dig deep into it then go through it further to know perfectly about it.

Toro Power Clear 721 E21 Review

Toro is one of the established brands in the market that is dedicated to designing innovative and brilliant products for users' convenience.

Toro Power Clear 721 E21 is an amazing gas-powered single stage snow blower that is designed with utmost precision and effectiveness to give you the performance of your choice. You will never find any snow blower in the market that is comparable to the performance of the gas-powered snow blower. 

It has a powerful performance with easy-to-start action so that anyone can use it without any difficulty. The best part of owning this blower is that it comes with a self-propelling system that adds a new dimension to its functionality.

This snow blower is so compact and easy to manage that you can do all the tasks single handily without landing yourself in a bit of trouble. You just need to struggle a bit on the fuel-refilling part of this blower. Otherwise, it is a wholesome package of utilities. If you want to know more about this snow blower then keep on reading till the end. And, by the end of this review, you will be able to make an optimized decision for your needs. So, let’s get started.

Toro Power Clear 721 E21 Features

Toro Power Clear 721 E21 has bundles of features in-store for you that will make you realize how efficiently it is designed to cater to your needs. Besides that, you will also come across some of its pitfalls to have inside-out knowledge about it. So, let’s get started!!

1. High performance

The performance of this single stage snow blower is the main factor that determines its effectiveness. With Toro Power Clear 721 E21, you experience great performance with its 4-cycle OHV engine. This high-power engine helps to throw the snow effortlessly at a distance of 35 ft. 

You can clear the snow in no time with the assistance of this snow blower. It will clear the snow thoroughly and effectively without doing any clogging. All this can be done with the assistance of the Power Curve Technology that supports this mechanism. This comes to the true essence of the snow blower. The optimum performance that a snow blower is intended to deliver snow clearing performance is thoroughly catered with Toro Power Clear 721 E21.

2. Impeccable start mechanism

When you are using the snow blower in extreme weather conditions, one of the greatest problems you encounter with this is its quick start. Engines jam easily when such sort weather conditions are encountered and it becomes very difficult to achieve the desired performance with the blower.

When you have Toro Power Clear 721 E21 in your possession, you don't have to worry about this problem. It comes with an easy start mechanism to provide you with an effortless starting of the engine. You just need to push the button to start the blower and take benefit of its commendable performance. 

The electric start mechanism even offers a guaranteed quick start within 1 or 2 pulls. So, you need not worry whether it will start or not because you will always have the opportunity to achieve your desired task. As it is a gas-powered snow blower you always need to keep yourself messed up with the lubricants while refilling the blower for the next use.

This is the only downfall that you will encounter with this snow blower. Besides that, there is nothing else that can stop you from grabbing it. And you need to refill it with lubricant after every pass of the clearing. So, if you want an ultimate performance then grab this without even giving a second thought.

3. Efficient self-propelling technology

While using the snow blower, one of the greatest issues that you encounter is its constant contact with the ground. You can't keep on throwing the snow easily without even disconnecting from the ground with most of the traditional snowblowers.

With Toro Power Clear 721 E21, all your issues are sorted. You can keep on moving with this snow blower to clear the snow without any difficulty. The self-propelling mechanism will help to easily clear the snow as you keep on moving with the blower without any difficulty. 

It even supports a unique scraper that helps to keep the paddle in constant contact with the ground. This will help you to pull the snow without any fatigue or trouble.

You can easily clear the snow in the direction you like with this blower. Thanks to the assistance of chute control. It supports the locking deflector mechanism that lets you throw the snow from a chute in the desired direction. You can always rely on its features for its ultimate performance as it has already been in use by millions of users.

4. Compact design

Having a compact-designed snow blower is one of the greatest assets that you could ever possess. You will find various snowblowers in the market that are giving impeccable performance but you will find them very difficult to manage in the first place.

Toro Power Clear 721 E21 gives you the authority to manage the blower easily and achieve greater performance. This snow blower comes in a compact design that even facilitates storing it after the season without any difficulty.

Its sleek design makes it a die-hard and mandatory choice for the users. But, if you want to achieve heavy-duty snow clearing tasks with it, it is not suitable for your needs. This snow blower only supports a single-stage system that making it an ideal choice only for small driveways. You can’t think of clearing very heavy snow in harsh conditions with this blower.

Because this is the situation in which this snow blower becomes inefficient. It is a well-tested blower that guarantees to serve for which it is meant. You will even encounter mounted chute controls with Toro Power Clear 721 E21 so that you can manage it more conveniently. This blower has ample space for stuff that matters.

5. Great versatility

No doubt, Toro Power Clear 721 E21 is a single-stage snow blower. But, it doesn’t make it any less than any other blower available in the market. It is prolifically designed to clear the driveway that can accommodate up to 9 cars in a single go. This is the perfect choice for pavements that are flat or moderately sloped. It is an ideal choice for the snowblowers if you are searching for the perfect choice for medium-sized driveways.

When you are planning to use the snow blower for the very first time then using a non-ethanol fuel of octane rating 87 or higher will do wonders for the performance of the blower. Despite using fresh fuel try to use the fuel that is less than 30-days old. Make sure that you don't mix oil with gas and you can even add a fuel stabilizer to it to efficiently start the snow blower.

Besides that, it even covers a 2-year full warranty so that you can always count on its effectiveness. Using this snow blower will even save on your time as it is so powerful that it clears the snow within no time by keeping your comfort at the utmost priority level.

Toro Power Clear 721 E21 Unboxing and Assembly

Toro Power Clear 721 E21 User Manual

You will be receiving a detailed user manual while purchasing a Toro Power Clear 721 E21. If you want, you can also check out the user manual from the company's official website. This user manual will have a complete guide on the different parts of this Snow blower and how to assemble it easily.

If you wish to check out the official user manual of this Toro Power Clear 721 E21, click here.

Toro Power Clear 721 E21 Accessories

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Toro Power Clear 721 E21 Review
Toro Snow Blower Cover - Toro Power Clear 721 E21 Review


Toro Power Clear 721 E21 is an exceptionally designed single-stage gas-powered snowblower that is impeccable to suffice your needs. All the features have been discussed in detail in the above section to tell you precisely its effectiveness and performance. If you have been looking for the snow blower that is all set to clear the snow from medium-sized driveways, then this is the perfect choice to go for.

You will encounter various brands in the market that are giving neck-to-neck competition to each other but Toro is outshining them with its impeccable set of features and benefits. So, what are you waiting for? If you want a single-stage snowblower then this is just the one that will stand by your expectations. So, just grab it and make your life convenient.

If you found this Toro Power Clear 721 E21 Review useful, then give it a big thumbs up. Thanks for reading through!

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