TORO Power Clear 721QZE E Snow Blower Review

TORO Power Clear 721QZE E Review Summary

Best Gas Powered Snow Blower


  • Powerful 212cc 4 cycle OHV heavy-duty engine.
  • Push-Button Electric Start.
  • Self-propel Power Propel system.
  • Plastic auger and impeller.
  • Max clearing Width 21".
  • Max clearing Depth 12".
  • Max Throw Distance 35ft.

TORO Power Clear 721QZE E Specifications

Power Source

Gas Powered

Maximum Throw Distance

35 Feet

Plowing Capacity

65 Tons/Hour

Clearing Width

21 Inches

Clearing Depth

12 Inches

Power Output


LED Lights





87 lb

Wheel Size

7 Inches

Product Length

48 Inches

TORO Power Clear 721QZE E Review

When the snow starts to fall, you need your snow blower to power through it. But you don’t want everything dragging the snow, so you need something that accents the performance while effectively clearing your walks.

If you are getting generally powdery snow around 8 inches thick in your driveway or walkway, a single-stage snow blower will be enough for your need. Toro Power Clear 721 QZE is a sturdy gas-powered blower that can even perform well enough in harsh conditions. So far it’s been really a phenomenal experience using a Toro product.

This neat-looking machine is astonishingly powerful. It doesn’t weigh that much compared to other gas-powered heavy-duty blowers. But the machine has been very efficient and removes snow effectively.

So overall, the Toro Power Clear 721 QZE features many amazing qualities that you might get hold of it. However, there are many single-stage snow blowers available in the market. And buying a new blower is often a perplexing task. You want to get hold of the best item according to need and budget. That said, you can check out this snow blower review to get more information on whether this would fit your need.  

TORO Power Clear 721QZE E Features

1. Heavy-duty Engine

The snow blower features a 212cc 4 cycle OHV heavy-duty engine that ensures effective snow clearing. It is flawless in powdery snow and works moderately well in wet snow too.

This powerful engine helps to throw the snow at a distance of more than 30 feet. Even if you have a large driveway with 3 car-space widths, it is easy to tidy it up without getting all tired. Moreover, there is no need for mixing up fuels. It runs smoothly with regular gasoline. 

2. Self-propelled motor

Another mind-blowing feature that is definitely going to make your life is the self-propelled technology. You can save a lot of labor because you don’t really need to push the machine forward in the snow to clear your ways. The 721 QZE is self-propelled, meaning you just need to hold the handle to direct the ways and the machine pushes through the snow automatically.

3. Power Curved Technology

The Toro is also powered by a power curved technology. This means it consists of a curved rotter that takes up more snow in an efficient manner. It is also supported by an inverted funnel that ensures effective snow removal without letting the snow get clogged in the chute.

4. Chute Deflector

The chute deflector also has a satisfying design. The deflector is easily adjustable. By pushing a button and holding it, you can decide the width of the deflector.

The chute direction can also be controlled easily while you’re working with the blower by moving a controller located in your right-hand side up and down. 

5. Easy Start and Neat Design

I am satisfied with the machine because it doesn’t require any complex or annoying mechanism to start. It comprises an electric start and I never faced a problem starting the machine. It also has a neat design, is comparatively less heavy, and comfortably seats up in your garage without taking up much space.

Although it had been really comfortable and efficient working with the Toro 721 QZE E, there are some limitations to it too.

The first thing is that the machine is extremely loud. If you don’t want your ears to ring for a long time even after you’re done with removing snow, use an earmuff.

The second thing that I would like to be modified this blower is the plastic wheels. It is a costly product and one expects rubber wheels instead of their plastic counterparts. Be careful in slippery areas as the plastic wheels may lose traction and skit.

TORO Power Clear 721QZE E Unboxing and Assembly

TORO Power Clear 721QZE E User Manual

You will be receiving a detailed user manual while purchasing a TORO Power Clear 721QZE E. If you want, you can also check out the user manual from the company's official website. This user manual will have a complete guide on the different parts of this Snow blower and how to assemble it easily.

If you wish to check out the official user manual of this TORO Power Clear 721QZE E, click here.

TORO Power Clear 721QZE E Accessories

Toro Snow Blower Engine Oil - TORO Power Clear 721QZE E Review
TORO Power Clear 721QZE E Review - Toro Snow Blower Engine Oil


Overall, the Toro 721 QZE E is a sturdy machine featuring a powerful engine and quite amazing features. The pros definitely outnumber the cons. However, to repeat myself, although a strong gas-powered snowblower this is a single-stage snow blower made up to take care of light to medium snow, and we better expect it to do the job of a double-stage blower. For an easy and effective snow clearing, you can definitely consider buying it this winter.

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