History & Future Impact of Climate Change

The majority of us presume that environmental change is occurring, however, is it an awful danger to our existence or an overstated beat up? Or, on the other hand, is it something in the middle of – an issue that mankind should in the long run face, yet not yet?

Has Earth witnessed a hotter climate long before? What is forcing the environment to act like this versus? How will glaciers react to this new climate change? What will occur to ocean level as new climate change continues? Did northern Africa go into a humid season? These are some of the topics that we are going to discuss here.

Earth’s climate is a very complicated one that changes from time to time. And the impacts of climate variation are pervasive. But Earth’s climate condition is also confused with many things like feedbacks, interacting components, and external forces.

A few years earlier, the weather is very challenging to predict, but few things helped to identify the critical conditions that are wind direction and magnitude. History of Earth’s climatic change helps us to predict the future of our Earth.

Many prediction results show that as we are polluting the environment at the same speed, northern glaciers will melt in very few days because of the higher number of ultraviolet rays from the Sun. Then it becomes very complicated for human existence on this Earth. So we must stop polluting the environment today itself, then only our future generation will survive on this planet.