What is a Two Stage Snow Blower

Grabbing a snow blower is not an easy a task as it seems at first glance. There are different types of snowblowers present and in that you will find an abundance of models in the market. Among all the prevalent types available in the market, a two-stage blower has a different fan base.

What is a Two Stage Snow Blower

A two-stage snow blower is one of the most impeccable snowblowers that is just apt to suffice your needs. Even if you are not much aware of the two-stage snow blower, then you need not worry. In this write-up, we will extensively discuss the two-stage snow blower with its working mechanism so that you can quickly analyze that whether it is a suitable fit for your needs or not.

What is a 2-stage Snow blower?

A 2-stage snow blower is an impeccably designed snow blower that is an advanced version of the single-stage snow blower. Suppose you live in an area where the snowfalls are approximately 8-inches or exceed even this, then two-stage snowblowers are best suited to clear the snow.

With this type of snow blower, you need not worry about whether your blower will touch the ground and impact it because it works perfectly fine even without touching the ground.

Two stage snow blowers mostly come accompanied by a rotating auger. The auger helps to remove the snow and the impeller breaks the snow into smaller chunks so that it becomes more manageable to clear the snow without any difficulty. 

What is a Two Stage Snow Blower

This functionality of the two-stage snowblower helps to clear the paved surfaces as well as crushed stones or gravel driveways. The best part of owning this snowblower is that it has a great tendency to remove the snow of depth up to 24-inches approximately.

As the auger of this snow blower doesn't make direct contact with the ground, a thin layer of the ice remains on the ground. You can easily clean this layer with a hand, shovel, or some ice-melt criteria. They are capable of clearing a wider surface even in a single pass that saves time and the energy that one is investing in operating the blower.

Working of Two Stage Snow blower

To know about the two-stage snow blower in a better fashion, you must the underlying principle behind its working. If you understand this properly, you will be able to make a clear decision on whether this is the one for your needs.

This snow blower comes with a self-propelled system with forward and reverse speeds to propel the unit, which ultimately helps the user to clear the snow effectively.

What is a Two Stage Snow Blower

A two-stage snow blower, as the name suggests, assists your work in two stages. Firstly, it collects the snow and transfers it to the machine's center, and then it sucks into the impeller. When the snow is thrown in the impeller, then it ultimately throws the snow out of the chute. When the auger and the impeller combine their powers with the engine, then they even assist in removing the snow at a faster pace.

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Benefits of Two Stage Snow blower:

When you own a two-stage snow blower, it comes bundled with several benefits that it can serve you. All these advantages of possessing a two-stage snow blower will make your life even more convenient and hassle-free.

But, what are these features that make a two-stage snow blower more superior to a single-stage snow blower? Need not worry even if you are not acquainted with these benefits, as we will discuss them further to have deeper insights into them.

Lets' have a look at them!! 

1. Great maneuverability

Two-stage snow blowers have great maneuverability as they come with power-assisted wheels that help to easily handle them without landing in any sort of trouble. It even helps to clear the snow on slopes and large areas.

2. Heated hand grips

These snowblowers help to easily clear the snow with the assistance of heated handgrips. It comes with an on/off switch that easily helps to clear the snow without landing you in any sort of trouble.

3. Dual-trigger steering

The dual trigger steering of the snow blower is an added benefit of possessing the two-stage snow blower. This helps to easily release the left or the right wheels so that the blower can make tight turns without any difficulty.

4. Impeccable chute rotation

With the two-stage snow blower, you can easily adjust the direction of the snow blower for clearing the snow. Just with a single push of the button, you can easily adjust the direction of the blower at your convenience.

5. Adjustable deflector

Two-stage snowblowers even give you the privilege to adjust the distance and height of snow throwing. This helps to have more control over the working of the blower as per your needs.


Two-stage snow blowers are an impeccable way to clear the snow effectively without any difficulty. Its working is so phenomenal that you can quickly grab the blower and make things work for you. Even in a single pass, this snow blower can achieve great results without landing you in any trouble.

If you reside in an area with a snow flow of more than 8-inches, then going with this blower is the apt choice for your needs. You will save a lot on your time and energy once you grab this snow blower and will make your life easier.

Besides that, tons of other features accompany this snow blower that will make your snow clearing task even more phenomenal for you. So, grab this one and make your life easy-peasy.

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