Yaesu FT-450D Ham Radio Review – Worth Buying?

Yaesu FT-450D Review Summary

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Yaesu FT-450D is one of the best ham radio for beginners because it provides the AM and FM service and news channels to keep up to date at all times. If you are on camping trips, you will always be updated on the latest weather reports.

The durability is on a whole new level compared to its predecessors because of its tough outer shell, and I have been having no complaints regarding it to date. If you will not be using it frequently, it is advised to cover it rather than leaving it out.

Yaesu FT-450D Review


  • Frequency from 30Khz to 54Mhz
  • Supports FM and AM service
  • Can be connected via USB port
  • Comes with a Built-in Automatic antenna tuner
  • Fast Digital Signal Processing
  • 500 memory channels can be set

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The one thing that is of utmost importance while talking about Ham Radio is its portability. When you are traveling with your family to remote places or out for a camping trip, you need an instrument that can easily fit into your backpack.

The compactness of ham radio has a major influence on the final decision of whether or not to buy it. Keeping that in mind, the manufacturers left no stone unturned in ensuring its portability. Lets see it in detail.

Yaesu FT-450D Review

Yaesu FT-450D is highly compact, have just a 6-meter transceiver. Now don’t let the price throw you off. This ham radio breaks the myth that if a product is too inexpensive, it is not worth it.

Because I know the functions offered by FT-450D are unrivaled against models like FT-817ND and FT-891. A fancy price tag does not guarantee a fancy operation.

If we consider this ham radio frequency, it operates on a high frequency with exceptional sound quality. This noise cannot be just fixed with handling the DSP, and the noise is just a curse that comes with all radios.

The voice can still be heard if the volume is increased significantly, and you will face no voice distortion. After rigorous use over the months, I can assure durability when it comes to the sound quality of the ham radio.

Yaesu FT-450D Review

Yaesu FT-450D Features

Automatic Antenna

FT-450D has an Automatic Antenna Tuner and receives 30Khz to 54Mhz transmission. This is often used as a desktop radio, but because of the functionality, it has been widely used for expedition and exploration.

A perfect companion for people on world tours or nationwide tours, this instrument will always ensure communication at all times with excellent reception.

The disturbances are minimal and will only be affected by major external disturbances, which are not very frequent. Therefore, chances are, you will not be having any problems regarding the transmission.

Licensing policy

The communication, though, has certain limitations to ensure that no other conversation is being overheard or interrupted. This is the reason why some ham radio manufacturers need you to possess a license.

Moreover, certain frequencies are not available to each user of Ham Radio. It is directly linked with the purpose of your communication.

Hence, if you possess a ham radio just to fulfill your hobby or maintain connectivity while being out and about, chances are not all frequencies may be available to you.

Some communications are even highly encrypted to avoid imposing. To attain higher frequencies, one has to clear some certain exams which will get you an official license.

LCD Display

The LCD display is very easy to read, and it does not crop up any complexities for people who are unfamiliar with the usage.

The figures are very large, and the characters are all legible. Interestingly, you need not worry even if you have poor eyesight. It comes with a voice announcement system with excellent sound quality. So hurray!

The IF DSP is fast processing and very easy to operate and the navigation works nicely as well, all in all, it is a system that is very easy to use. 

If you are travelling overseas, this little thing can come in handy in an SOS emergency in which the high frequency transmission works well.


It comes with 3 years of warranty and limited technical support. The manual can be found on the internet, and once you get the hang of its operation, you will face no major problem.

In case of technical issues, the supplier can be contacted directly, and they will assist you in every possible way. But personally, you will not be facing any such problems if it is being treated and operated well.


No matter where you live, maintaining contact with your roots is necessary. While cell phones cannot always be relied upon for that purpose, despite its wide functionality, communication is one thing where radios will never fail you.

They can reach any person, anywhere. They have also served as a savior in the past for very many people as their functionality is rarely interrupted by ambient conditions.

Therefore, owning a ham radio does not only serve as a hobby; it can be of great use personally, too. Investing your money into such an instrument will be a decision you will never regret. 

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